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Yukon 70 Cold Locker by Igloo Review

Yukon 70 Cold LockerIgloo introduced the Yukon Cold Locker line of coolers this year promising to Outhaul, Outlast and Outchill everything built before it and from what we can see they have hit it out of the ballpark.


When Igloo offered our team a chance to test one out for the summer, I jumped at the chance to put the Yukon through its paces through out our summer travels.  The cooler was sent out to us and upon opening the box, I knew this cooler wasn’t going to be sent back to Igloo at the end of our test, this was a keeper.


As a young man, my family had an old classic metal cooler that was beat to heck and if you drank the water or ate the ice like I used to do from the cooler it tasted of metal and we had block ice that was in big square bricks. The cooler made that crazy sound of metal on metal in the back of the truck whenever we went somewhere as the cooler would slide a bit in the back of the truck.  I also remember an old Igloo watercan that was in my dad’s work truck. When I would get to go to work with him on occasion, I remember getting water from the metal Igloo cooler and they would open the valve and I would drink right from spigot.


Now I have in the back of my truck a Yukon 70 Cold Locker and they will have to cut the locks to get it away from me.


What strikes me most about this cooler is the absolute strength of every part of this cooler.  When it says 70 quarts, it is a true 70 quart cooler as measured from the inside of the cooler, meaning you get the full capacity of the cooler and you know how much it is going to be able to haul.  The Yukon line of cold lockers comes in 50 quarts, 70 quarts, 150 quarts and 250 quarts for every purpose imaginable from hunting, camping, fishing, offshore fishing and tailgating.  The top of the cooler has a built in ruler to help you measure that prized fish, gobbler beard or tine length.  The handles are solidly built and you can use two hands with your buddies to get this cooler fully loaded into the truck.


Each Yukon comes with anti-skid feet to keep the cooler in place and Yukon sells a set of optional tie down straps to lock this cooler down in your truck bed or the back of the boat.  I locked my Yukon down with a padlock and a bicycle lock through the handles to prevent theft, quality coolers like this aren’t cheap and the last thing I want to have happen is coming back to my truck and seeing this cooler missing with all of my food and soda taken with it.  Every Yukon comes with a 5 year warranty, one of the best in the industry and when you take a look the latches, the solid steel rods that are used for the hinges, the easy T-grip handle latches and the oversized tethered drain plug on this thing, you can see that the Yukon is going to Outlast any cooler you have ever had in the past.


The Yukon brochure says, “Thick insulation is a beautiful thing.” And we have to agree.  The 2.5 inches of foam in the lid and a full 2.00 inches in the entire body helps the Yukon to Outchill even the best coolers on the market.  The seamless roto-molded case is pretty much indestructible and with food-grade material and a dry ice compatible interior on this cold locker it’s built to haul meat and lots of it.  The industrial strength freezer gasket covers the entire lid to lock in cold and has a compression seal to lock out heat allowing the Yukon 70 that we have to hold ice for 7 days.  The cooler also has riser in the anti-skid feet to allow the cooler to lift the cooler keeping it off hot surfaces and allowing you the option of washing the boat deck under cooler.


Igloo has spent the last 60 years bring quality coolers to the market and with the Yukon Cold Locker they have finally built a cooler for those who are passionate about hunting, fishing and living the outdoor life.  Yukon has also built the Yukon Far Horizon Club for Yukon owners to swap stories, share pictures and trade hunting tips. When a cooler needs to go the extra mile and can make the difference between bringing back meat for your family, you’re going to want to own the Yukon Cold Locker!!




Yukon 70 Lockable Latch Yukon 70 Handles Locked Yukon 70 Easy T-Grip Yukon 70 Ruler Yukon 70 by Igloo


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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