A true story of a whitetail buck I hunted for many years with an amazing story to tell. 

My name is Joseph Byler. I have been an archer since I was young, thanks to the love of hunting my dad instilled in me while growing up. We have an Amish background, and the majority of my family still remains Amish today. As you might imagine, our love of the outdoors is in our blood and traditions. 

I have always enjoyed every part of being an outdoorsman. It brings a feeling of freedom and relief that many people don’t have the opportunity to experience, and it’s something I don’t take for granted. I believe that getting out in God’s awesome country, with no other purpose but to spend time in His presence in the great creation He made, is more than enough reason for me. No matter what time, rhyme, or reason I am in the woods, I can always learn something new, and I believe that none of that time is wasted! I believe every single hunt, even the unsuccessful ones, is still worth the time spent because each experience is a benefit and provides learning opportunities. 

I hope you enjoy this story of a buck that I learned many new things from. I’m excited to relive the journey and share it with you! 

Joseph Byler

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