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AIM WEAPONS GRADE CLP Review by Bob Thennis

Recently I tried out a product called  AIM Weapons Grade CLP (Cleaning, Lubricating, Protectant).  The kit includes a 1 oz bottle of cleaning solution with a needle tip, a 1 oz bottle of solution with a spray top, and 5 – 2″ x 2″ wipes, enclosed in a compact container.   Their website claims the product will dissolve rust and corrosion, have better bolt action, fewer malfunctions or jamming and reduces carbon build up.

I am using my M&P Shield 9mm to test out this product.  The first item out the gates is the container.  In the past with other cleaning products it is a bit of a hassle to keep the components together as the cleaner and the lubricant is not in a convenient case like this group of products.

Next I moved on to the CLP.  After field stripping the pistol and using the CLP to clean and lube up the gun, I found a little goes a long way.  You can also apply it if you have already cleaned and lubed your gun and there are not any ill effects to any previous products you have applied.  It can be added to your usual gun grease in order to improve it’s functionality as well.

The other thing I noticed, or rather didn’t notice, was the smell.  Typically, when I clean my guns, there is the smell of the solvent and lubricant that spreads throughout the house after I am finished with the cleaning.  However, with the CLP, there was not that overpowering smell, which is a pleasant surprise for my wife and kids.

After reassembling the pistol, I noticed right away how well the slide was running.  It was 100 times easier to use and the rounds fed flawlessly.  After shooting a couple of clips,  I felt as if I was holding a different gun.

To this effect I would say I have no problems recommending this product to friends and family!  It is a great product with great benefits.  To find out more visit aimgunlube.com

Bob Thennis
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