Oregon Now Offering Youths Simplified, Safe Intro to Hunting

Other states that have similar programs have seen an increase in youth participation without a single hunting-related shooting incident.

SALEM, Ore. – Youth age 9-13 can now hunt in Oregon under the close supervision of an adult without first passing a hunter education class.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission today adopted administrative rules for Oregon’s first Mentored Youth Hunter Program, after the state legislature passed a bill earlier this year creating the program.

“Oregon’s hunters now have a fantastic opportunity to introduce kids to hunting,” said Marla Rae, Commission Chair. “This is a great way for parents, grandparents and others to introduce their kids and grandchildren to hunting in a safe, responsible way.”

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Female hunter knows turkeys

JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) — ‘‘You are looking for a male to shoot.’’

That’s what turkey hunter Vickie Vobian, 51, said about stalking her favorite prey, bearded turkeys. Being a female turkey hunter, Vobian has her own way of looking at the traditionally male-dominated sport.

She gets a thrill out of setting out before dawn in layers of long underwear to set up camp. As the sun rises, she sends out a crow or owl call to locate the turkeys.

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Sika deer to be included in Del. hunting laws

By Randall Chase
Associated Press Writer

DOVER — An exotic elk-like creature that has become a popular target for hunters on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has begun showing up in Delaware, but state officials aren’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat.

Delaware wildlife officials plan to expand deer-hunting regulations to include miniature elk known as sika, meaning they could be bagged just like native whitetail deer.

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