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CamoFire Daily Deals RELOADED with Hunting Deals

RELOADED now offers visitors Hunting Deals So Big They Should Be Illegal the option of reloading with up to 5 different deals, usually from 40-70% off of retail prices. Look for great Camofire deals.

“Camofire RELOADED is the biggest change to the way we operate since we started in 2006,” says Kendall Card, co-founder of and its sister hunting website SOLID. HUNTING. GEAR. From – Shop Now! “Instead of one deal, our customers can now choose from a variety of products all at the same great prices we offered before.”

As hunters across the country gear up for scouting, archery, and other hunting seasons coming up this fall, shoppers will flock to internet retailers to purchase the camo, optics, boots, knives, backpacks, archery and shooting accessories, and other supplies they need to make their hunts successful. Mr. Card says out site stands well-prepared to serve those hunting for the best price on gear. “They need it, and we’ve got the best gear at the best prices.” and its sister site,, are retailers of a variety of hunting-related equipment, operating out of their storefront and warehouse located in Draper, Utah.

What is

Camofire is a website and team that is dedicated to bringing their customers and followers back to back deals on hunting and outdoor products with prices that are below retail price.  The team at Camofire works to get the best deals and the gear from the best brands that hunters and outdoor enthusiasts want to buy at insane prices.  Camofire only offers small selections of deeply discounted hunting deals at a time with a limited time to “Pull the Trigger”.  Customers can contact Camofire if they have a brand that they want to see on the website and the team will work hard to find deals from those brands.  This is a company that is dedicated to it’s customers.

About is all about bringing you back to back deals on top quality hunting products at prices well below retail, prices so low it’ll almost feel illegal. We strive to get gear from all the best brands that every hunter wants and offer it at a ridiculously low price. Unlike most hunting websites that offer a full catalog of items, Camofire is unique in that we offer five deeply discounted hunting deals at a time, each with limited quantity and limited time to “Pull the Trigger”.

If there is a brand that you’d like to see on Camofire, let us know by visiting our Contact Page and we’ll do our best to round up some deals from that brand.

How Camofire Works?

Each night at 11pm Mountain Standard Time we start out with the next day’s first deals. How long each hunting deal lasts depends on one of two things; the countdown timer and the inventory bars, both of which can indicate the deal is almost gone. Watch the timer to see when the current deal will end, but don’t forget to keep your eye on the inventory bars. These meters show what has been sold as they move from completely green, to red to SOLD OUT.

Once the inventory options have sold out or the timer runs out, the deal is gone.

At that point, Camofire will reload the next hunting deal, offering you back-to-back deals until 11pm MST when the website will reload with the next day’s first items and the hunt is on.

Looking for Hunting Deals?

Once you find a deal that is right for you, simply select the size and quantity you desire and Pull the Trigger. The item is then added to your cart where you can also check out that day’s extra items. You can add extra items with no additional shipping and then reload the cart to see your new total. If you would like to add another size or color option, click “Back to Shopping”, but if you’re ready to check out, simply click “Continue to Checkout”.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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