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Interview with Adam Foss by Rudy Hassell

Cam Foss and Adam FossAs we all know sheep hunting can be extremely demanding of your physically and  mentally, so you need the best from your gear. I am honored today to share with you the interview I had with my good friend Adam Foss. Who is Adam Foss?… He is the youngest archer (24 yrs young) to complete the coveted Grand Slam of Sheep! The Grand Slam achievement is the taking of all four species of North American Wild Sheep.

Adam’s family are tried and true “sheep hunters!”  Having said that, they are an accomplished all around hunting family.

Like most kids, Adam looked up to his Dad (Tom Foss) and older brother, Cam, while growing up. Whether it was sports, fishing and hunting, whatever  the activity he wanted to do what they were doing!  Both his dad and Cam exposed Adam to the challenge and thrill of bowhunting and it stuck with him. The art of bowhunting is beyond a passion for Adam. He stated that he could not imagine bowhunting not being a part of his life. He has been fortunate enough to have shared many adventures with what I have named as the, “3 Team!”

Dam Foss & Tom Foss Desert SheepAdam was introduced to sheep hunting at the early age of 14, by once again his Dad and Cam. He remembers this trip vividly as it was his first backpack overnight trip. In his words, “He had never walked so far in his life!” It’s one of those weird things in life, that something that pushes you so far out of your comfort zone, that you need more! Adam stated that after that trip the sheep hunting bug had bitten him, as it combined his love for the mountains, backpacking, camping, and the challenge of the hunt. Adam harvested his first sheep when he was 18 years old. After high school graduation, he spent the majority of his summer scouting and camped on a band of rams. Once his Dad arrived, he provided the guidance to Adam which enable him to stalk within bow range of his ram and take him!

Even though he has achieved the Grand Slam, his favorite animal to hunt is sheep of any kind. Adam prefers to hunt the grassy hillsides, which are guarded by rock palaces and steep cliffs. Especially, far from people, the further from them the better. He truly enjoys the multi-day hunts into the backcountry. I have the same feeling as Adam on these style of hunts, as they are gratifying beyond belief. Due to you need to be self sufficient, have your wits about you before your hit the trailhead and when you’re packing that heavy load out.

Adam Foss & Tom Foss Big Horn SheepHe chooses to tote his Prime Shift from G5 as his weapon of choice, as it suits his needs for being lightweight and very packable for backpacking trips. Bowhunting is all he knows, he has never hunted big game with anything else. The Prime Shift is dressed with a Montana Black Gold Sight and the Ripcord Code Red rest. This setup sends the Easton ACCs custom fletched by Mark Seacat, and topped off with the G5 T3 or G5 Striker broadheads.

To round out the archery gear, I asked Adam what are the 5 pieces of gear that he always takes with him on his hunts. He quickly rattle off…
Sitka Gear System “It’s not fair to put a limit on “a” piece! Though, his go-to piece is the Jetstream Jacket”
Binos, “I’ve used 8.5×42 Swarovski’s in the past, but used 10×42 Leica Geovids on our last sheep hunt and loved them”
Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 Backpack
HILLEBERG Tent, “The Allak is the perfect two person mountain hunting tent”
Schnee’s Granite boot

Adam Foss with his heavy load packing outAfter accomplishing the Grand Slam, it may be tough for any of us to reflect back on any of your hunts, not just sheep to choose one as the most gratifying. Adam response was no different, “That’s a tough question!” Every hunt is gratifying in a different way, regardless if an animal is harvested and sometimes even more so. Adam believes that the hunts that you dream about and plan for years, research and read maps, fail again and again and then have it all come together it’s pretty special. A hunt that comes to mind is his Stone’s Sheep hunt from last summer (video attached). Whether it’s the entire trip plan or the final stalk, executing a well thought out game plan is extremely gratifying. I couldn’t have said it better Adam!

As you read this article, you start to understand the Adam is a real hunter, has the qualities that our industry needs to promote. My guess is that he has garnered these qualities from his two hunting heroes, his Dad Tom and brother Cam. Some may question if Adam’s passion for hunting is his own or his Dad’s. So I asked Adam, “Why you do, what you do?î He responded that on the side of mountain, while glassing over a magnificent Dall Sheep, he asked a good friend and one of the best sheep guides on the planet Jeremy “the Legend” Hatala a similar question. To this day, his answer resonates with the mountain bowhunter in Adam. In the words of the Legend, “It kinda just gets in your blood!”
Cam Foss & Adam Foss Stone SheepWith this lifetime achievement of the Grand Slam with a bow, what’s next for Adam Foss? Well, he’s not sure either…but his sights are set on getting a big bull elk and Rocky Mountain Goat.

I asked Adam to share an interesting fact about himself, that most of our readers don’t know. He shared how he played a ton of sports growing up including hockey, lacrosse, golf and was a Golden Gloves boxer. I think that the thirst for competition translates into outdoor pursuits. Instead of an opponent, you’re out there competing against yourself, the elements and the animals (which definitely have the upper hand!).

Adam is currently employed with Seacat Creative. He is part of the team that just release an amazing film titled “Searching for West”, if you have not seen the trailer, check it out!  You will be truly impressed with the imagery of this film!

Cam Foss & Adam Foss Dall Sheep

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