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The annual Ambassador Academy, presented by professional shooters and brand ambassadors Ryan and Dianna Muller, proudly announce 16 recent graduates. Held at the West Orlando Firearms Training facility (W.O.F.T.) in Florida, students learned to become more effective industry influencers and successful representatives for their partners and the overall firearms community. 

“To counter the culture war, it boils down to education,” said Dianna Muller. “If our side doesn’t know how to effectively influence their friends, their families, and their communities, it’s up to us to equip ourselves and create better communicators of our message. Ambassador Academy training is for more than just sponsored shooters. It focuses on communication, media, and relationship skills that anyone can use.”

After five days of instruction from subject matter experts, students departed with new concepts in many topics. Social media was taught by TJ Kirgin and Beth Walker; filming and editing from Tim Johnson of Blue 42 Agency. They were able to get first-hand experience at hostile communications with journalist and media specialist Catherine Mortensen. Students were in the hot seat practicing answers to questions like, “Why does anyone need an AR-15?”. They also received on-camera interview techniques from David Lombardo, whom you might recognize from hosting SHOT Show TV and On Target Radio. Matt Mallory from Meet the Pressers instructed on podcast interviews.

Students also participated in world-class personal safety training unique to W.O.F.T. Low-light situational awareness to real-world, force on force scenarios were tackled in their state-of-the-art facilities. This year, there was a special treat on the live fire portion of the class. World-renowned champion, Lena Miculek, was the live fire instructor, but her father, Jerry Miculek, toggled between being a student and an instructor. He even gave the students a surprise one afternoon. Regarding his experience as a student, the senior Miculek said, “I didn’t know what to expect from the class, but there were many great takeaways! Practicing the hard questions was pretty good timing given the attacks on guns and all the censorship that is happening.”

The academy boasted three professional photographers who captured headshots, action photography, lifestyle images, and product shots. Dave Weaver, who was with the Associated Press for over 20 years, was the lead photographer. The students departed with all their images from the photoshoots, including headshots, lifestyle, action, and candid shots from the class.

“You can see why the training is five days long,” said Ryan Muller. “We crammed a lot of content in there and told the students up front they would feel like they were drinking from the fire hose!” He was the chef for the class and provided breakfast and lunch daily.

The 2021 Ambassador Academy marks the third year of the program, and “every year we add more value for our students,” said Dianna Muller. “Stay tuned for the next Ambassador Academy, or if you want a class tailored to your company, please reach out!”

To learn more about the Ambassador Academy, visit, or contact Dianna Muller at

About the Ambassador Academy

The annual event gathers subject matter experts who teach brand ambassadors to be useful representatives for their corporate partners and more effective industry influencers. Instructional sessions feature social media strategy and analytics, filming and editing, on-camera interview techniques, hostile communication strategies, Second Amendment advocacy training, and professional photography sessions. The Ambassador Academy offers customized programs for organizations requiring exclusive training for their staff, brand ambassadors, or executives. Click here to watch an informational video.

About W.O.F.T.

West Orlando Firearms Training, also known as W.O.F.T., is considered one of the top 5 ranges in the U.S. by the USCCA. The private, 6-acre personal defense training facility is more like a world-class resort than a shooting venue. Scenario-based training is tailored to each individual’s experience level and focuses on avoidance, de-escalation, and defensive tactics. Regardless of prior training experience, students encounter dynamic concepts and practices that elevate their personal defense skills.

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