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Ammo Buddy Plastic Storage Containers for your ammunition are far more durable than cardboard packaging, they won’t fall apart if they get wet and allow you to see the contents without opening.

The best way to keep your ammunition organized and protected from the elements is to store it in an Ammo Buddy Storage Container. Ammo Buddies are not generic one-size-fits-all plastic boxes but, rather, caliber-specific storage containers that hold your ammunition in a space-saving and ultra-organized manner.

Available for a multitude of rifle and pistol caliber ammunition, as well as for 12- and 20-gauge shotgun shells, Ammo Buddy is a form of “Clamtainer”, the clever plastic see-through storage containers that are derived from premium clamshells. Clamtainers feature the revolutionary and patented Click-It TM Closure System, a simple built-in mechanism that allows for easy, one-handed opening, but that also securely keeps the container closed, even when dropped.

Says Brad Sauve, 3-time U.S. National Individual Long-Range Champion and 11-time U.S. National Team Long Range team member, “As a competitive shooter, I use the Ammo Buddies (30 Cal, 20 count) exclusively for carrying my hand loaded ammunition to the local range and to long distance matches. When traveling, space is always an issue and I can pack more rounds in the same space compared to the other alternatives. I can be confident with Ammo Buddy because even if dropped, my rounds will stay in the order and condition I intended. This is especially important when bullets are long seated or rounds are placed in a specific order for load development work or final match use (e.g., weight sorted). I recommend these to anyone serious about maintaining their ammunition in top condition.”

But you don’t need to be a competitive shooter to appreciate Ammo Buddies. If space is limited in your gun safe, Ammo Buddy can help. If you’d like to easily see how many bullets you have remaining, Ammo Buddy can help. If you are tired of soggy, wet ammo boxes, Ammo Buddy can help. If you are a reloader and are looking for an ammo storage solution, Ammo Buddy can help. If you’re a waterfowl hunter and want to bring your shells into the boat or blind without concern for your cardboard boxes of ammo getting wet or destroyed, Ammo Buddy can help.

Here is a list of the rifle and pistol calibers for which Ammo Buddies are available (in multiple sizes). A handy Ammo Buddy reference guide can also be found on the Clamtainer website (click here).

“Value bundles,” with a variety of Ammo Buddies listed above, are also available. For more information, or to order Ammo Buddies, please visit

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