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Breadcrumb Trackable Technology Bluetooth Location Marker

Technology continues to impact our lives every day, and Breadcrumb Trackable Technology will impact the way you locate your hunting stand, find your gear, track your trail, find a trail cam, find your pack, your arrows or even your vehicle.  The great news is that the team at Breadcrumb is just getting started. 

It all started with Bluetooth Trackable Nocks which allow hunters to use their cell phone to find lost arrows.  These Bluetooth Nocks can help you to find arrows that can cost from between $50.00 and $150.00 depending on your set up.  Once activated, the app can tell you how far you are from your arrow.  It allows you to turn on sound and light if you are within 100 yards of your arrow.  I recommend doing this instantly right after your shot.  This allows you to see where your arrow is and walk right to it.

The Bluetooth location marker allows you to put a device on your hunting stand or your hunting gear and track your gear from your cell phone with the breadcrumb app.  The device only runs $39.99 and a 3-pack is $89.99.  The app is free for Android phones and iPhones.

We met the team at Outdoor Retailer, and they gave us a device to play with.  We have used it to find keys and our pack and gear when camping.  We even attached it to the new puppy to have it light up so we can find him in the back yard.  We are most excited about what is to come from this great team.  We have seen a glimpse and we think you will be impressed.

Check out the gear from Breadcrumb. 

Frequent Uses

  • Locate Stands & Hunting Blinds – Flash a pre-dawn light to find your stand without disturbing game around you
  • Mark Trail Cameras – Save time and frustration when checking SD cards or changing batteries
  • Stash your Pack – Find your way back to the pack you ditch when the stalk intensifies
  • Create Trail Beacons – Identify trailheads and paths to ensure you take the right route
  • Safety Monitoring – Keep in your safety vest so others know you’ve made it in and out of your stand
  • Mark A Blood Trail – Make sure you find your trail even if you need to wait until morning
  • Track Rifle & Bow Cases – Ensure bows and rifles make it on your plane when traveling to a hunt
  • Find ATV Keys – Never lose keys in the woods again

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