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Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket Review

The Coalatree blanket offers a water resistant outdoor blanket that works as a blanket, a travel pillow, light sleeping bag and poncho.  The Coalatree Kachulas Adventure Blanket offers the kind of functionality that you want for an outdoor blanket. 

The Kachula Adventure Blanket is covered in a DWR finish which is eco-friendly and allows water and other liquids to bead right off.  It keeps the blanket clean and washable.  A removable hood also allows the blanket to become an emergency poncho.  The removable hood snaps on to the blanket with three snaps and stays in the secret zippered pocket on the blanket.

Secret pocket?  Yes, this blanket has a zippered pocket on the blanket.  The beauty of this pocket is that it holds the hood so the blanket can be used as a poncho at any time.  When you are at an outdoor concert or other outdoor event, you can hide your keys and valuables in the corner pocket of the blanket and not have to worry about them getting stolen.  The secret stash pocket also doubles to hold the entire blanket which allows the blanket to become a travel pillow.  The blanket can also be connected with other blankets for outdoor concerts. 

I like bringing this blanket with me on long sits in the blind.  I have always carried a blanket into the bind because along with my blind chair, I like to lay out my gear on the floor of the blind.  I lay down the blanket to keep my gear clean and I like how it mutes the sound of me moving in the blind.  This is a blanket works great for this, as it is waterproof.  Of course, if I ever need to hunt outside it is nice to have the poncho ability as well.  On a recent scouting trip, I grabbed the blanket and threw it on top of my street clothes poncho-style, sat down on the ground and was covered almost like a mini blind. 

Coalatree has burst onto the outdoor scene in the last several years.  With a home base in Salt Lake City, it has created eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer.  In addition, Coalatree uses surplus fabrics to create warm blankets for homeless in Salt Lake City every year and works with local organizations to maintain trails in the area.  Someone in the group must be a hunter because they partnered with Realtree to create the camo Kachulas blanket.  They truly are an outdoor-friendly; their hashtag is #greettheoutdoors.

We also tested out the Loafer Single Hammock and the Nomad Packable Backpack.  Both of these products were great but the Grow Everywhere Tee is the one product that really blew us away.  It is so incredibly soft. 

Check out all the gear at Coalatree.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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