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Cobra Chat Tag Review

We have tested a great number of walkie-talkies in our time and most of our younger generation have no idea about these devices.  I still remember the first walkie-talkies I had which was two cans and a string tied together.  We got a set in the late 70s that had batteries and worked for about 500 yards or so.  And, of course, the famous CB radio we all wanted after seeing Smokey and the Bandit.

This summer, I decided it was high time the kids understood what a walkie-talkie was all about. With their new bikes, this was a great opportunity to give the kids some breathing room while still making sure that momma could easily call them home from the trail.  For the kids we decided to test the Cobra Chat Tag Walkie Talkies.  At under $50.00, they fit right into our budget and I thought if they got lost, broken or destroyed it wouldn’t break the bank.

The Chat Tags are circular and the antenna is inside.  These are great because they can clip on a shirt sleeve, pocket or backpack strap and easily be used.  These have lower power and in a line of site they could reach out to about 12 miles or so.  We have only tested them out to 2 miles and they work clear as a bell.

One of the features I like about these is that they come with built-in batteries that charge with a micro-USB.  The batteries last 10 hours or so and on a day of adventure with the kids, they last quite well.  The Chat Tag units are lightweight and easy to use.  There are 22 channels should you need to change to a less used one.

The best part about these units is that they are easy to use.  The buttons on the sides are pretty intuitive and can be used hands-free; a Voice Prompt Guide helps you set this up.  We use these around the neighborhood and in situations where we know we will be under 12 miles.  When we hit the mountains, these units are great in and around the campground but would not be our first choice on big expeditions.

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