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Common Deer Hunting Methods

One of the most commonly hunted species in North America is the whitetail deer. We will provide some different effective methods utilized to hunt them. One of the first things you will want to decide is whether you will be hunting with a bow or a firearm. Depending on what you will be hunting with will determine your effective range when setting up for your hunt.

Once you know your effective range you can plan what method you will want to use on your hunt. The first method we will cover is a ground blind setup. Like the name mentions you will be setting up on the ground in an area you believe the deer will be passing by or coming in to feed. You can buy artificial ground blinds that come in all shapes and sizes or you can simply use natural brush and vegetation to hide yourself. You will want to make sure you are completely covered from all sides, because being on a level surface with the deer you have a higher chance of being spotted.

The next method that is commonly used, is hunting from a tree stand. There are a variety of different styles of tree stands that you can use and buy, but they all relatively do the same thing, which is get you up off of the ground and securely fasten you to a tree. When choosing a tree to hunt out of you will want to pick a tree that is wide enough to cover your outline as well as one that has some limbs that stick out around you that will break up your outline. Using a bare tree will make you more noticeable to any deer that come by. 

If you would prefer to be more active while hunting there are a few different methods that don’t require you to sit in one place. The first method is still hunting. You would use this method in an area you believe to hold deer, and you will walk very slowly through this area to pick up on a deer’s movement before they spot you. The key to this tactic is to be extremely slow. This will make it easier for you to spot movement and it will make it harder for a deer to spot you first. 

If there has been recent snow in the area, a really effective method is tracking. After a fresh snow, tracks are very easy to spot and if you follow them they can lead you straight to the deer. You need to remember to be very slow as you don’t know when these deer will end up coming into view.

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