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Common Weapons Every Hunter Should Own

Many people enjoy hunting during their vacations. It may involve shooting game birds, waterfowl, small game, or even big game. Once a person has got themselves kitted out, the next things to acquire are some weapons. We’ll take a brief look at the key ones right now. 


Different states have different regulations, so always check before going on a hunting campaign. Some states don’t allow rifles, in which case shotguns become the primary option. When it comes to semi-automatics, people can choose pump shotguns, baikal shotguns, or beretta shotguns. As with all weapons, it largely depends on what will be hunted and where. It’s important to purchase a firearm that has the right height and length for your size too. 

Caliber Rifles and Gauge Shotguns

When it comes to caliber rifles, one could choose a .22 rifle, although these are not allowed for game mammals. There are different ones from which to choose, and they aren’t hard to carry around. Their primary purpose would be to shoot squirrels, grouse, or rabbits. A 12 gauge shotgun will pack more power than a 20 gauge and is very versatile. Use buckshot ammunition to shoot small games or such birds like quail, turkey, geese, or doves.

Varmint Rifles and Brush Rifles

Varmint rifles are small-bore items. Many people enjoy AR-style models, such as a .223 Remington. The extra fun here is that several shots can be fired in a row, for when small creatures like coyotes are running past in groups. Brush (wood rifles) are designed for shooting big game when there is a lot of vegetation, and only a short-range is required. If a deer, bear, or hog comes within 100 yards, it will be easy to quickly aim and fire.

Long Range and Big Bore Rifles

Many people hunting in North America discover they can only shoot targets from a distance. This could apply to mule deer, sheep, or elk. Long-range rifles such as a .300 Winchester Magnum are suitable and can also be used to shoot moose or black bears at close proximity. Big bore rifles are for large games such as elephants, buffalo, or brown bears. Consider buying a rifle such as a 9.3 x 62mm Mauser.

Bows and Hunting Knives

There are strict regulations on the use of hunting bows. Only recurve, long or compound ones may be used for chasing the game. Unbarbed broadheads need to be at least seven or eight inches wide. Hunting knives are primarily useful for field dressing an animal, but they provide extra protection should they be unexpectedly needed.

Miscellaneous Information

Semi-automatics are harder for beginners to use, and they are ammo-hungry. Bolt action rifles are cheaper and more accurate than pump-action ones. They are also better than lever-action rifles. Some people who aren’t interested in shooting birds may go for a Ruger 10/22 or Tikka T3 Lite with quality optics to satisfy all their hunting needs. 

It is clear to see by now that there are a number of different options available. Over time people discover their personal preferences based on the preferred game and the location for hunting. When the right equipment has been obtained, the whole experience can become incredibly exhilarating for all involved.

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