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Washington State recently made a step to leave the Union with yet another Unconstitutional law. Senate Bill 5078 was forced upon US citizens calling the Evergreen state home and prohibits the sale, attempted sale, and distribution of what the bill describes as “large capacity” magazines, including the now 50-year-old international standard capacity of 30 rounds for AR magazines.

Until Washington State can find politicians who have read the Bill of Rights and comprehend the statement, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, effective July 1, 2022 no more new standard capacity magazines can be obtained in Washington State. Only reduced-capacity magazine of ten rounds or less.

As proud American patriots, DuraMag was quick to respond and ensure that law-abiding citizens could exercise their inalienable rights by visiting the state in April to personally deliver much-needed supplies of quality magazines that could outlast Governor Inslee’s anti-American actions. DuraMag is also supporting Washington retailer Weapon Outfitters promotion, which adds a free DuraMag for every five purchased.

DuraMag’s visit was coordinated with One One Bravo, LLC for a coordinated public shooting pit clean-up and class, supported by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Roughly 40 volunteers spent the morning cleaning up the shooting pit and filling two pickup beds with waste. The afternoon was spent training with One One Bravo, LLC. At the end of the day DuraMag put on a demonstration of its dauntless mags followed by distribution of a magazine to every participant.

“It’s alarming when a government wants to disarm or degrade the ability of the people to defend themselves,” said Justus Hall, DuraMag Vice President of Sales. “We want the people of Washington to know that we stand with them, and hope that with offers like those from Weapons Outfitters, the law-abiding citizens of Washington State can weather the storm of an anti-American government. We trust our magazines to last through the next election and beyond.”

About DuraMag:

At DURAMAG we design magazines to meet the specific demands of each discipline – combat, law enforcement and sport. We develop solutions to the challenges of our customers in each and every category. To meet the needs of today’s combat conditions we’ve developed a new stainless steel magazine. It outperforms the industry-standard mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test. 

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