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FireDisc Grill 36 HR Firemen Red Initial Impressions

I saw the FireDisc website about three months ago and I had to have one of these grills. When I was in Hungary filming a driven pheasant shoot the team who fed us lunch in the field cooked one of the best French onion soups I’ve ever had using an old tractor disc grill they had handcrafted. Throughout the last several decades, discada grills have grown popular along the southern US border and Mexico. These grills are usually set over fire or gas burners and are used to cook rice and beans, chili or fajitas. When I saw the FireDisc Grills website I could clearly see they had blown past the cowboy WOK concept and created something worth getting serious about.


The FireDisc Grill arrived about five days after I ordered it. The main box was large and a second box came with the FireDisc Spatula and the Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener that I ordered as well. I unpacked the small box first and then tackled the FireDisc Grill 36. I opened it up, grabbed the instructions and set up the grill in about three minutes including reading the basic instructions. It really is that simple. Of course that evening we already had dinner plans and then it snowed so the grill sat in my office for about a week before I finally brought the grill outside for seasoning and cooking.


It’s the day after Easter and I finally had the chance to cook a meal for the family with the FireDisc. I chose a simple recipe because I wanted to season the grill and have time to cook a meal before the kids ran off to evening events. Seasoning the grill was pretty darn simple. I turned on the grill, put in about three tablespoons of lard and let it cook up. I covered paper towels in the lard and whipped the entire surface of the carbon steel cook surface in the oil then let it burn off a bit while I prepped an onion, mushrooms and green and red peppers. I cooked the vegetables first with a little olive oil and the juice of an orange and threw on the brats. I cooked the brats for about five minutes, sliced them lengthwise and placed them skin side up, covered them with the vegetables and let it all simmer with a few splashes of soy sauce and the juice of another orange. After simmering for about ten minutes on low, I used the spatula to scoop it all out and served it to a hungry bunch of kids.


FireDisc GrillsThe meal was a success. We had happy kids and I enjoyed the process of cooking on the grill. It’s going to take me a little bit of time to learn the nuances of this grill but I look forward to having one more tool in my outdoor cooking arsenal. I love the disc’s ability to grill, wok and serve as a griddle. Tomorrow I plan on cooking eggs and a pancake or two in the FireDisc and on Wednesday night I will fry chicken with the grill. I am committed to learning how to cook with this grill.


The pros and cons of this grill are so far pretty easy to discern. The con is that the actual disc came with some stickers on the outside that took me a long time to peel off. I talked to customer service and I believe that those stickers won’t be around for very long. The pros are this thing is amazingly easy to cook on and it was really easy to set up fresh out of the box. I can’t wait to toss this in the truck, head out for a day of fishing and hunting and be able to cook up a quick meal midday. The other major pro with this grill is how very easy it is to clean up. I threw some ice in the grill wiped it down and dumped it. I threw a light coat of oil on the grill and it was clean and ready for my breakfast meal.


The FireDisc 36” HR – Fireman Red is one heck of a tool in the outdoor kitchen and I am excited to have it on my patio.


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