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How Hunting became safe & exciting with Snake-proof Boots

Being off guard is nothing unusual while hunting. Normally, venomous snakes don’t just bite people until you disturb their peace, yet the fear of getting bitten remains.  Thanks to the modernization that exploring the woods or roaming around rural areas is safest now. You don’t have to be extra scared of snake bites as these boots are designed to protect you from such things.

Now you can explore woodlots, marshes, buses, or fields without worry even when you detect a snake.

How does a snake-proof boot work?

“LaCross” the brand that has been making snake proof boots for 20 years has sorted down the ideal material list to prevent and damage from a snake bite. According to them rubber, leather, neoprene, and polyurethane are impenetrable and the best materials for making such boots.

According to experts, the double coating of rubber and additional coverage of hand-laid rubber help to boost the protection. The snake’s fangs prove to be weak enough to fail to reach the skin against the thick materials.

Now, I will introduce some quality as well as fashionable snake-proof boots you can select for your next journey.

Best Snake proof boots

LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot

Made with hefty and fine leather, lacrosse boots are on the top-notch list of snake proof boots. The brighter sides of this boot are that it is long enough (18 inches) to cover your legs to the length snakes can ever reach. The lace starting from the toe with it ensures comfort and fitness.

 Also, you can get rid of the boot easy with the help of the side zipper. There is added Hyper-Dri technology that will keep your feet as dry as possible. To keep the smell aside the boot has antimicrobial fibers within the liner. This camouflage designed boot is ideal for work as well as hunting.

Rocky ProLight 16” Snake Proof Boot

Featuring promising materials like leather and fabric with camouflage print, Rocky boots is one of the best options as a snake-proof boot. The camouflage print is similar to the appearance of woods, it simply confuses your appearance as a hunter too.

The boot covers your legs up to 16 inches and lace all the way up to toe ensures fitness and comfort.

This boot has one advantage than the other snake-proof boots; it is extremely lightweight. It’s thick enough to protect you from snakes bites as well as light to move with it.  Without any second thought, you can buy it for hunting games or adventures in wild areas.

LaCross Men’s Adder Scent 18” HD Snake Boot

If you are especially looking for a snake-proof pair of boots that is easy to put on and off then this one is just the thing you need.

It has no lace; instead, it comes with a zipper system and anti-friction lining for extra comfort. It measures 18 inches and the tightening strap ensures fitness. Also, the camouflaged lather keeps the feet dry.

MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot

MuckBoots are well suited for your long expedition through woods as it is both flexible and comfortable. It is made of synthetic rubber and for your safety, it is had been tasted against snake bite.

Rest assured that synthetic rubber is protective of snake bites. Moreover, the XPressCool technology inside the boot helps to soak in sweat and moisture.

LaCrosse Men’s Alpha Mudlite Snake Hunting Boot

This Alpha Midlite from lacrosse is not only ideal for snake bite but also ideal for walking in mud and dirt. The hand-crafted rubber outside resists snake bites, mud, and minor scratches.

In addition, the neoprene layer keeps the feet dry and the AirCric technology allows the air to pass outside with your every step.

To adjust with your feet it features an adjustable strap behind. Plus, you are getting a frictionless and loosening effect free pair. 

Things you should know before buying a snake-proof boot


Materials are most important while choosing a snake bite proof boots. Because it is materials that I=is going to save you, not the style!

Materials like leather, synthetic weaves, canvas/ heavy denim, etc are suitable to defend against snake venom. If these materials are used together then there is no way snake bite will reach your skin.  So, check out the materials before you buy.


Having heavy materials, snake-proof boots are known to cause the feet sweaty giving birth to the worst odor. That can be bad for the skin and environment. That’s why choose one with features that can ensure air going in and out. For example- AirCrick technology is best known for passing the air outside.

 Moreover, look for a pair that is water-resistant and moisture absorbing. Having these features, you won’t sweat much wearing the pair. Such boots with many useful features can be a bit pricy to buys but it would be foolish to let go of something so handy.

Remember, the price comes with worth.


Not just materials, fitness should also be your top priority, or else you won’t be able to walk carefree. What’s the value of a pair of shoes if you can’t even walk? That’s why always check its fitness system. Find out the lace or zipper pull out system is better for you.

The boots with lace can be tied tightly as you want and the zipper system usually comes with a tightening strap. Be careful with choosing the zippers one because the twigs can cause breakage in zippers leaving you unprotected.

So, Invest money on the pair that fits well with your legs and thus makes your hiking experience less painful.

 Final words: When it comes to buying snake proof boots, every detail should be checked. Life has become easier with inventions and creations- snake proof boots are one of them. Then again, nothing beats precaution. Also, you should not go for a cheap pair because safety comes first and cheap products cannot guarantee to protect your feet. So, don’t risk it and choose wisely.

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