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Irish Setter Ravine Boot Review

We chose to review the Ravine 2890 7-inch boot with the BOA system of cable lacing specifically to see if it would hold up over serious miles and with serious loads.  We were blown away with the fit and feel of these boots.  Get to a steep canyon, just tighten the laces and go.  Hanging around in the hunting blind?  Loosen and gain air flow.  Casual walk around town?  Just tighten enough to keep the boot on your foot.  In short, the Ravine boot works well and looks great.

Ravine Boot Review

First of all, the Ravine 2890 7-inch boot performs well.  This boot is light, warm and covers your bases regardless of the time of year.  Over our ten-day trip to Bozeman, Montana, we had the opportunity to test this boot streamside fishing, on city hikes and on a couple of serious 3 to 4 mile hikes.  We covered a wide variety of terrain and a little over 1400 feet of vertical climb and descent.  We tightened the boots up on serious climbs and found the tight fit gave us the security and traction that we want in a serious hiking/hunting boot and the flexibility when we need it.

Second, unlike many serious outdoor boots, the Ravine boot is an attractive boot that you can wear on the trail, in a stand, and in town.  The versatility is a major factor that attracts us to this boot.

We had the opportunity to meet with the team from BOA at Outdoor Retailer this year in Denver, and we toured their office and got a strong rundown on the system.  We expect to see more great things coming from BOA, including the partnership with Irish Setter which has created an exceptional boot for early to mid-season all the way up to all but the coldest months.  While Irish Setter offers boots for extreme cold, the Ravine 2890 that we tested was made to be light and fast.  Breathability is good, and traction is good.  Because the BOA cable lacing system lets you set the laces to your specific preference, this boot fits like a glove. As well, the ease of getting into and out of these boots is unreal. 

The Ravine 2890 comes with the Ultradry Waterproofing System, CuShin, Trout Brook Leather, the BOA system and Energ.  Hunters will be most interested in the new ScentBan Process incorporated into the Ravine 2890.  ScentBan is added to various materials from leathers to linings in the footbed, killing bacteria that cause odors.  This process is exclusive to Irish Setter.

Check out the Ravine 2890 at IrishSetterBoots.com

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