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KOR® Technik, known for inventing and patenting the only foam replacement system, the Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®), will be featured on The Edge television show in the episode airing August 3 at 9:30 p.m. EST. Show hosts Joe Eppele and Steve Ecklund use the KOR VRS gun case inserts to replace the foam in their hard-sided cases to transport guns and gear to the field. The Edge airs on Wild TV and streams on Wild TV Plus, and the KOR episode will re-air beginning on August 31, 2023.

G.P. Searle, Founder of KOR Technik, said, “The antelope hunt episode of The Edge is a great chance for folks to see how Joe and Steve use KOR’s VRS system during their hunt. They traveled back and forth from the U.S. and Canada twice with their gear before landing in New Mexico to hunt pronghorn and were thrilled with the results after multiple airplane transfers.”

Operating the VRS system is fast and easy, said Searle. “Think of it like a moldable bean bag. When filled with air, it looks and feels like a pillow in the bottom of your case. Place your guns and gear atop the insert, then use the included pump to remove the air. You’ll see the soft, pliable cushion change into a solid structure conforming to whatever is resting on it,” he explained. “At that point, the VRS insert is in a solid state and ready for transportation or storage. When you use your case for different gear, attach the pump and add air back into the VRS Insert.”

“Like many people, we travel far distances for destination hunting experiences, and having confidence that our guns, optics, and gear will arrive as expected is priceless,” said Eppele. “Because the KOR VRS inserts keep everything snug, we don’t worry our guns will arrive scratched, or our optics will need to be zeroed again. We arrive and are immediately prepared.”

Ecklund commented, “Noone wants to waste time messing around with damaged firearms or equipment when arriving after a long trip for a special hunting experience. I was delighted when I traveled to New Zealand and used the KOR VRS Inserts. After thousands of miles, the lightweight transportation system did exactly what it was designed to do–it kept my guns stable, clean, dry, and ready for action.”

According to Searle, “You save space and money by needing only one case because the VRS insert retrofits your current case, making it truly universal,” he added.

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About The EDGE Season 13

On Season 13 of The EDGE, Steve Ecklund and Joe Eppele will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the vast wilderness of North and South America. From the rugged Tule elk in Northern California, the elusive pronghorn in New Mexico, and the majestic red stag in La Pampa, Argentina, these high-octane hunts will inspire you to explore! But that’s not all – witness the team’s daring pursuit of BC mountain goat, bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, and more as they push themselves to the limit. Each hunt is expertly filmed, capturing every heart-pounding moment as Steve and Joe come face-to-face with some of the most challenging game on the planet. But for Steve, challenges come part and parcel with obtaining the ultimate prize. He’s on a mission to achieve the coveted North American 29. Watch in awe as he closes in on his super slam of North American big game, featured on previous seasons of The EDGE and available on-demand on the Wild TV App. Visit to check airtimes for The EDGE. Season 13 is now available on Wild TV’s channel and streaming service, Wild TV Plus.


KOR® Technik’s revolutionary technology solves transportation and storage issues for outdoor enthusiasts. The patented KOR Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®) provides a reusable, environmentally friendly option for transporting guns, optics, and gear. KOR Technik is a proud American business headquartered in Arizona. Our values of integrity, craftsmanship, conservation, and education are ingrained in every product and interaction. KOR Technik is committed to developing and strengthening a community of like-minded, proactive sportsmen and women. “Make an impression everywhere you go!

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