MDF Podcast Talking Mule Deer SE.3 Ep.3 – National Wild Turkey Federation President/CEO Becky Humphries

On this episode of Talking Mule Deer, Steve and Jodi talk with one of the leading ladies of the conservation community – Becky Humphries, President and CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Becky tells us how she got her start as a wildlife biologist ultimately working her way to lead the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. After leaving the state she spent several years running the Great Lakes office for Ducks Unlimited before she moved to NWTF seven years ago. We talk about the organization’s Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt initiative including their efforts on active habitat management that is good for wildlife, but also helps improve forests and hopefully reduce the risk of catastrophic fires. She talks about how NWTF, like MDF, is working with the U.S. Forest Service on stewardship agreements that are allowing the organizations to oversee habitat restoration projects including a pilot project in Colorado through the Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative. For the Save the Hunt part of their mission, Becky tells us about their efforts to bring in more hunters and shooters to carry on our traditions. We wrap up by talking about the priorities NWTF has on their radar screen for the coming year.

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