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During the summer months hunters like me feel withdrawals from the past hunting season and need ways to catch there fix. There are a few ways to fight off this problem and one that I have found to be quite a rush is sporting clays. The last 4-5 years ive been shooting in a sporting clays league and I tell you what its as close as you can get from the real thing. Sporting clays are a challenging and fun sport that can be enjoyed by all, but if you want to grow and learn more about the sport I would recommend a set of DVDs to help you make the most of your shooting.

Gil and Vicky Ash have a series of OSP shooting DVDs that will not only help a rookie shooter, but will help the most advanced shooters as well. The series covers everything from shooters mindset to choke tubes. Something that really stuck out to me as a shooter was the routines that Gil and Vicky talk about in the series. They place special importance on pre shot routine all the way through the shot and post shot routine. To tell you the truth ive never thought that any of this mattered, but at the same time when they show you how shooter who has a routine and one who doesn’t it makes perfect sense. I would really suggest to any shooter to take a look at these OSP DVD’s I really think that they will not only make you a better shooter, but also a more satisfied one as well.

You can check out everything Gil and Vicky Ash have to offer for your shooting needs at http://www.ospschool.com/


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