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OTTO Wilde Grillers O.F.B Grill Review

Otto Wilde Grill Review

We hunt for meat so that we can bring it home, grill it and eat it.  It is a simple process and to us it makes tremendous sense.  Of course, we like to have the best grills we can find to grill the meat we bring home.  The Otto Wilde Griller is one exceptional grill with the ability to cook a perfect steak.  It produces over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit in a top down approach. Please continue to read our Otto Wilde Grill Review and you will see that this grill is exceptional.


The Otto Wilde Griller O.F.B (Over-Fired Broiler) is an exceptional tool in the arsenal of the outdoor chef.  The grill allows you to broil your steak from the top down and create a serious crust on your meat, all without the kind of flare ups that you get cooking over top of coals or on a standard grill.


Unboxing the O.F.B to actually grilling with this unit is exceptionally easy.  The unit comes out of the box, you clean up a little wrapping, test out the gas cable and start grilling.  It took me, at most, 20 minutes to have my first steak cooked on this grill.  While this first steak was pretty darn amazing, each time I cooked with the O.F.B. the steaks just got better and better.  With this unit, I was able to cook a great one-inch ribeye in about 6 minutes and it was right at medium rare which is exactly how I want it.



There are several ways to cook with the O.F.B. One interesting technique (see the video below) involves the process of sous vide prior to placing the steak into the grill.  While I understand that is all the rage, it just seemed like a whole lot of effort for a couple of steaks to me. Instead, I used cracked pepper and Maldon Salt Flakes which is the only salt I use on steaks and other food I like.  Pizza is another option for this grill.  While I did not have the opportunity to try this unit with the pizza stone, I would not hesitate to order it, especially at under $58.00 for the Otto’s Pizza Set.


One of the best, and main, features with the O.F.B. is ability to add about 24 oz. of water into the drip tray prior to cooking.  This keeps the cooking environment inside the griller moist and controlled.


The top broiler unit comes off and makes cleanup of the entire unit very easy.  I noticed that my tests with ribeye steaks and chicken were easy to clean up from any splatter right after my meals.  The handle on the side allows you to lift the grill up and down and even has a bottle opener built in.  For the few colder spots within the grill, I was able to compensate by moving the steaks around on the grill every 2 minutes when I flipped them around.


This unit uses propane gas to heat the element.  The length of the gas hose could stand to be about 2 feet longer.  As it was, I had to put the gas tank on a nearby chair in order to have the hose reach the unit.  In addition, the Otto Wilde Griller is on the expensive side.  Because of this, we understand fully this unit is not for everyone.  Of course, if you add up the quality of steaks this produces you may say it is worth every penny.


Not only will this grill perform for you in your backyard, the O.F.B. is also well-suited for the high-end tailgate party.  When you show up with the O.F.B. and a cooler full of steaks, you’re going to be the life of the party.  You won’t have to worry about hot coals and you can jam through two big steaks at a time about every 6 minutes.  Cooking for a group of 12 will take about 30 minutes, start to finish.  Try that with your old charcoal grill.


Check out our video and take a look at these photos.  We have included the video on the sous vide steak that was cooked on the OTTO Wilde Grillers O.F.B. at the bottom of the post.  If you are interested in purchasing your own grill, which we highly encourage, here is the link to use.  After testing this grill, we have entered in to an affiliate agreement with Otto Wilde and we appreciate your support!! Maybe as much as you will appreciate that perfectly cooked steak!



Perfect Steak O.F.B Review O.F.B Review O.F.B Review Otto Wilde Grill Review Otto Wilde Grill Review

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