Every hunter who ventures more than a mile off of the road must consider the fact that shooting game far from the road requires serious effort to pack out the meat. Pack frames have come a long way over the past several years and while pack frames are a great option sometimes you need to think outside the box and grab a pack that is light and can haul like nobodies business.

Six Moon Designs came up with the Flex Pack system and it is a 51 oz pack that is built to haul serious loads. You pick the pack and the sizes that will fit your body from the shoulder harness size to the waist belt size and the lightness of the pack allows you to use the pack to carry a lot more weight in odd shapes.

Every detail was well thought out on this system. Whether you are going to carry this pack yourself or you are going to have friends swap back and forth with you on long pack outs, this pack will provide a comfortable system for you to bring out the meat and/or pack in the camp.

What I like most about the Flex Pack is the wraparound straps and buckles built into the system that allows me to lash loads securely. The tighter and more evenly you can secure loads to the pack the easier it is going to be to bring out large loads over several miles.

Packing out meat also requires quality game bags. I recommend Caribou Gear Ultralight Synthetic Game Bags. I bone out meat in the field if I can or if I am in a rush or in a storm, I will quarter animals out to get them out of the field quickly. Caribou Gear bags offers a tremendous variation in quality game bags for moose, elk or deer. The Caribou Gear Magnum Packs come with four quarter bags, rib bag, meat parts bag, neck meat, backstrap, two mill plastic bag, twist tie, trophy cape bag, camp meat bag, ID Tags, zip locks, vented storage bag, instructions and meat transfer form. These bags are the best you can find and protect your meat from flies and dirt while allowing the meat to cool quickly.

If you cannot drag your animal out of the field less than a few hundred yards, having a serious pack and game bags make all of the difference in getting your meat back home quickly and efficiently. Hunting with a friend and splitting the workload between two people can make all of the difference in getting animals out quickly. And nothing bonds a stronger friendship than a long pack out on a successful back country hunt.