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PanzerGlass Screen Protectors Review

PanzerGlass Screen Protector and PanzerGlass Spray Twice A Day Review

Even though technology is a strong part of our lives, a good number of us focus on the outdoors to get away from technology. Technology, however, is often a part of our hunting and outdoor adventures.  As is the case with all of your gear, you want to make sure that your devices are well protected from the elements.  We ran into PanzerGlass at the virtual CES this year and got the chance to test out the new iPhone 11 Pro Max Glass, the iPhone 12 Pro Max Glass, the iPad Pro 11 inch Glass, the iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case and the PanzerGlass Spray Twice A Day Screen Cleaner. 

The Panzer Glass company has been around since 2013 so they are well versed in understanding quality screen protectors for phones, computers and tablets.  At virtual CES the team at PanzerGlass announced a slew of new products and cover protection for laptop computers, smart watches, cell phones, tablets, smartphones and more.  As well, PanzerGlass is focused on anti-bacterial coatings to keep devices safe.

We will focus on the cases that we have here to test and give you a wide view of the products from PanzerGlass.

PanzerGlass Apple iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max – Case Friendly Black

This was the second screen cover we were excited to install on our own device but most folks understand that the smartphone is probably the most important to protect from bumps and scratches.  Smartphones need cases that are shock resistant, scratch resistant, and that work with all of the features for today’s phones.  Adventuring and hunting with cell phones are a part of the adventure whether that is for navigation, communication or photography and yet we also need to be able to throw the phone into the pack or pocket and pay attention to the area around us.  These phones need extra protection to keep the glass from getting scratched or damaged when dropped.  PanzerGlass Case Friendly Black provides edge-to-edge coverage and works with today’s smartphone cases.

We found the glass to be easy enough to install but would have appreciated a slightly better installation tool than just eyeballing it.  Getting the iPhone clean, dry and tack clean was a bit of a chore especially after taking off our cracked screen cover.  I got it done but had to readjust the cover to get it perfectly straight and got a small dust particle just under the glass and that was frustrating.  Overall, I do think these are still a value because the price point for these screen protectors is exceptional.

PanzerGlass ClearCase (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

PanzerGlass offers a wide variety of phone cases to protect your phone from drops and falls.  The is no question that you will drop your smartphone at some point; it is just a question of when and how often. The PanzerGlass line of high-quality cases are built with a honeycomb frames for a strong case design built to protect today’s smartphones. 

The case fit easily and is exactly what you would think a case should be: clear and stylish.  This is the perfect case for the office and around the house.  It is not the case that I would want to protect my phone on a hunting adventure as it just does not provide the kind of protection I would want on a hard hunt.  I also don’t want my smartphone to be covered in a heavy case all the time so this is a great case for a day to day back up.  This case is all clear, and they have cases with black rims as well.

PanzerGlass Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro – Case Friendly Black with CamSlider

PanzerGlass Case Friendly Black provides edge-to-edge coverage and works with today’s smartphone cases.  The Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro PanzerGlass Screen Protector is pretty impressive.  It comes with a fingerprint resistant design as well as AntiBacterial PanzerGlass that kills up to 99.99% of common surface bacteria that may affect the product and help to keep you safe.  Any form of protection in this world is an added plus.

The built-in CamSlider covers the camera by sliding across to stop the camera by covering it from viewing or recording you in secret.  It is not currently known whether phone companies or specific applications are doing this but better to be safe. The touch sensitivity of the screen did not change how this worked on the phone and the screen protector now provides scratch resistance as well as shock resistance.  This case is supposed to be 100% stronger but we are not sure what it is stronger than.  Mostly, I look at value for money spent and I am sure there are stronger glass screen protectors out there. However, you will pay for that strength and these seem to work quite well for the amount spent.

PanzerGlass Apple iPad Pro 11 inch Screen Protector

The PanzerGlass for the iPad is an edge-to-edge masterpiece.  It protects the screen and keeps fingerprint smudges to a minimum.  The glass on iPads is so much bigger and protection on a device like this needs to be best in class.  The iPad Pro works with the Apple Pencil and whether you are using your finger or the Pencil to navigate the screen this screen protector works extremely well.

This PanzerGlass Apple iPad Pro 11 inch Screen Protector was easy to install, far easier than installing one on the cell phone.  The edge-to-edge protection makes the screen protector easy to install on the tablet. 

PanzerGlass SPRAY Twice A Day

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and glasses are filthy and get covered in bacteria and other worse disgusting things.  PanzerGlass worked with the Danish Technological Institute to create a water-based Anti-Bacterial cleaner that contains no alcohol, parabens, ammonia or perfume.  PanzerGlass SPRAY Twice A Day works on all devices and prevents the screen from being damaged.

I was impressed with the ease of use of the SPRAY and how well it got fingerprints, dirt, grime and such off the device.  The PanzerGlass SPRAY also seems to have some ability to keep your device a little cleaner throughout the day. This of course could all be in my head but it just seems like my phone over the past couple of weeks has been a whole lot cleaner since I started using SPRAY Twice A Day.  PanzerGlass sells SPRAY Twice A Day in a 30ml bottle that is sold in a bundle as well as the large 100ml bottle for around the desk or in the backpack.


In summary, I was impressed with the wide range of PanzerGlass products.  The prices these products are more than fair and help protect everything from laptops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between.

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