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Native Eyewear Protects Your Eyes

Native Eyewear sunglasses: I can’t say enough about them. They fit me, they take care of my eyes, and they have an attractive design. In addition, their lifetime warranty is second-to-none and their customer service is efficient and friendly.

When looking for a new pair of sunglasses, I feel you have two choices. You can purchase cheap sunglasses with the understanding that you will basically purchase a new set of cheap sunglasses once a year. Or you can opt for a nicer pair of sunglasses, one that costs more. Of course, the higher quality glasses will last several years. Quality glasses are built better in the first place and you will likely take care of them like the investment they are. Cheap sunglasses you can just toss on the dashboard. Nice glasses you place back in their case and keep them in your center console.

DSCN9041 I chose the latter option five years ago as I was outfitting myself for a camping and hiking trip. Heading to Utah in the spring means lots of sunshine and I wanted a pair of sunglasses to wear while hiking. I tried on many. My true test to see what would work for me was to jump up and down and to swing my head around. I didn’t want glasses that would slip from my face or bounce if I chose to jog some of the trails at Arches National Park.

A pair of Native Eyewear sunglasses won out. The lightweight feel on my face, the coverage, the feel of the nose pad, and the protection from the sun offered by the sunglasses made the price ($119.00 five years ago, I believe) bearable even on my limited budget. It was the one thing I indulged on in preparing for my trip.

I wore this one pair of sunglasses exclusively. Befitting a nice pair of sunglasses, I placed them in their protective case when I wasn’t using them. After five years of use, I was sad to see that I had finally worn out the nose pad on one side. It was beginning to tear. Knowing about the lifetime warranty, I called Native Eyewear. I spoke with one of their friendly customer service representatives and explained the wear on my glasses. The answer? Send in the old ones and Native Eyewear will either repair or replace them.

So I sent them in. I was hoping beyond hope that the nose pad could be replaced, as the glasses were perfect for me. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be repaired and that particular model was no longer available. (After five years, technology and design had changed a bit). I was told to pick another pair out that I liked – any pair – and Native Eyewear would send them to me. There was a $30.00 fee for shipping and handling, a fee I felt was more than reasonable. I received my new pair, similar to my original ones, in the mail shortly after. I am just as happy with the new ones.

KCP_6012In addition, I am trying out an even newer pair to see how I like them. The Hardtop Ultra XP (MSRP $129.00) features a new lens technology that blocks out 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses. It significantly reduces blue light to deliver crisp, high contrast definition. The Hardtop Ultra XP also employs Hybrid Venting, similar to my original pair, which reduces potential fog on the lenses. As with all Native Eyewear sunglasses, there are a variety of lenses. Interchangeable lenses range from Polarized Blue Reflex for extremely bright sunlight to the Sportflex lenses for early mornings and cloudy days. The Clear Crystal Carbonate lenses are perfect for conditions when light is low and eye strain is at its highest.

I prefer the Polarized Bronze Reflex lenses for the majority of my uses. It provides a bright field of vision with extra protection of a mirrored coating. Plus, it’s best in moderate to bright sunlight, conditions that are typical where I live.

The Hartop Ultra XP also features an Interchangeable Lens System. With this feature, I can change my bronze lenses for different lenses depending on the conditions. Changing the lenses involves simply popping out the one lens and sliding in the other.

DSCN9357 (1)I have been wearing Native Eyewear sunglasses for close to six years now and I will continue to do so. I see no need to try a different brand. I know that when the time comes to replace my sunglasses, years down the road, I can reach out to the great folks at Native Eyewear and their lifetime warranty and customer service will continue to take care of me.

Check them out at nativeeyewear.com to see their entire line of sunglasses and to learn more about the technology built into their glasses and the warranty specifics.


Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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