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Quest Water Filtration Cup by Grayl

Grayl, the company behind the Quest Water Filtration Cup, knows that water is one of the essentials of life. When you are out in the backcountry – whether hiking or hunting – you must be especially concerned with how you will safely keep hydrated. This means either carrying lots of water with you (heavy) or bringing a water filter and purifier (complicated).

 Not so with Grayl’s Quest Water Filtration Cup. In three simple steps, you can safely quench your thirst no matter the water source. Just FILL. PRESS. DRINK.

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Those are the instructions for the Quest Water Filtration Cup. It works like a French Press. Just fill the outer cup with water, press the inner cup into the outer cup with steady downward pressure, and in seconds you will drink safe, great tasting water.

Grayl offers three different filters for different situations.

  • Tap Filter for urban use. This filters chemicals and heavy metals, thus improving the taste and smell of the tap water. A real Godsend in some parts of the country.
  • Trail Filter for outdoor use. This filters chemicals, heavy metals, protozoa, and bacteria. We used this recently in the Rocky Mountains. Within fifteen seconds, the stream water was filtered and ready to drink.
  • Travel Purifier for international use. This filters chemicals, heavy metals, protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. Great for international use and most outdoor water sources worldwide.

There are many water filtration systems on the market today; some involve pumping, some rely on gravity. The Grayl Water Filtration Cup provides yet another way to control the quality of the water you drink in the outdoors. It provides fast, safe water in a usable cup and gives you confidence in your drinking water no matter where you are. And at 16 oz., it is similar in size to every other drinking cup you might use – it fits in your car’s cup holder as well as your backpack. And with a filter lifespan of 300 uses (40 gallons), it makes this filtration system a great value.

Visit www.thegrayl.com to learn more about the Grayl Water Filtration Cup, including the specs for each of the three filters.

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Marjorie Paulson

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