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Review for Montie Gear’s Camping Shelf and Cutting Board

I like to think of myself as a semi-minimalist when it comes to camping. I have no problem placing my mini cutting board on a picnic table – or the ground for that matter – to prepare meals. So I was prepared to think of the Camping Shelf and Cutting Board by Montie Gear as one more unnecessary item to pack.


I thought I would give it a try, however, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how handy it really is. Set up is a snap (or a strap, to be more precise) that requires nothing more than a tree. Simply place the two heavy-duty straps around the trunk of a tree, pull the straps taut, and set the cutting board on top of the attached supports.


The shelf height is adjustable: I can raise the shelf to counter-height while I prepare a meal and I can lower it, pull up a chair, and eat my dinner on it. Perfect in the morning to set my Jet-Boil and French press on as I make coffee. Just as good supporting a good book and a cup of mulled wine in the evening.


As handy as it is for food preparation, this unit works just as well as a shelf. Put your keys and your cell phone on this shelf while you set up your tent. The white cutting board works as a highly visible central station for important items. And in the evening, the shelf works great for setting your hairbrush or your tube of toothpaste on (if you are so inclined to personal grooming while camping) while you get ready to turn in for the night.


The Camping Shelf and Cutting Board is remarkably solid and stable. Due to the way the board interlocks with the supports, the cutting board does not shift even during tasks such as dicing up potatoes.


The Camping Shelf and Cutting Board is a useable size (12” x 15”) yet packs up flat. Components are linked with a loose fitting nylon coated stainless steel wire that ensures you won’t loose any of the parts.


Check out the Camping Shelf and Cutting Board, as well as other camping and outdoor items, at www.montiegear.com.







MSRP $149.00



Camping Shelf and Cutting Board Camping Shelf and Cutting Board Camping Shelf and Cutting Board






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