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Seek Thermal Review

About a year ago, I met the marketing team from Seek Thermal. I tested out the Reveal XR early this year and I found it to be an exceptional tool to provide a thermal view of the world. Last month I tested out the CompactPRO unit that clips directly into my iPhone. I found this to be quite convenient. Even better, the CompactPRO fits into a waterproof case that slips into my front pocket.


I have long been paying attention to the thermal market as it relates to hunting and hunters. Several friends use thermal equipment for hunting hogs and predators at night. My purpose in seeking out these tools is to help me track game once the animal has been shot. Because I do not do much predator or hog hunting at night, I have little need for thermal scopes. My good friend, Hal Shouse, at Hogswat.com uses thermal scopes for hunting hogs at night and he is the person Seek Thermal is seeking out.


I take a lot of folks hunting in Western Nebraska where we hunt mule deer and whitetail in canyons filled with sage and yucca. Tracking across these canyons can be difficult but it is not impossible. Using a thermal unit, however, would allow me to pop up on to the crest of a canyon and scan the area below for the heat signature of a buck or doe. I used this unit last weekend on a Youth Mentor Hunt with Pheasants Forever and it helped me find a pheasant that had been shot and had fallen into tall grass.


The Seek Thermal built the  RevealXR is built for the outdoorsman. My camo-covered unit provides a thermal sensor that is 206 x 156 with a 20-degree field of view. It tracks in temperatures from -40 degrees all the way to 626 degrees Fahrenheit. It shows a range of 900 feet and works day and night. The Seek RevealXR also comes with a 300-lumen LED flashlight. This solid unit has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 10 hours depending on whether you are using the scanner and the flashlight. It has a micro SD card slot that captures, stores and transfers images.


Aside from hunting, we have the Seek Thermal helpful in the city at night. It gives us a sense of security as we approach our car late at night. People glow in the screen, alerting us to nearby people and potential danger. We’ve also seen wildlife in our own back yard late at night when the Seek Thermal lit up a raccoon. The unit is also great for indoor use: it helps us find leaks in weather stripping the door in the garage and in the caulking around window.


The Seek CompactPRO is built for iPhone or Android use with the addition of a phone specific app. It offers all the features of the Seek RevealXR: 320 by 240 thermal sensor, 32-degrees field of view, -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit. The CompactPro has 1800 foot (about 600 yards) and it works day and night. It comes with a pocketsize carrying case. The features on this unit are fantastic and the clarity is unbelievably clear. Taking photos is pretty easy and you can even shoot video.


I like these two tools specifically for tracking game after the shot. I have yet to use these for deer hunting yet but it worked well to help find a pheasant this weekend. Using the Seek Thermal RevealXR or the CompactPRO requires the hunter to use these tools ethically. Could you use these tools to help you find deer in the dark? Absolutely, but please be aware that using thermal imaging to seek out game species is most likely illegal in your state. Check your local game laws because in certain states it may even be illegal to even use this tool to track deer once you have shot them. I think it is a great tool for tracking and a fantastic tool around the house and for basic safety on a day-to-day use.


Check out these two tools!



Compact Pro Seek Thermal
Compact Pro Seek Thermal



Reveal XR Seek Thermal
Reveal XR Seek Thermal


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