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Sentry Safe 26-Gun Capacity Fire Resistant Gun Safe Review

GT5926E Gun SafeI just upgraded my home security with a new safe from Sentry Safe. The majority of my gun collection is stored at an offsite location but my three or four working guns needed a new home in my new home. I was extremely pleased with the offering from Sentry Safe and while I know there are plenty of options in the safe market, Sentry Safe makes a great fire-rated safe that retails at an extremely attractive price. I purchased the 26-gun capacity safe, the smallest safe they offer in a fire-rated gun safe. It works perfectly for my needs and provides a safe environment for my working guns.


The Sentry Safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection up to 1400 degrees, holds up to 26 guns, has a UL Listed Electronic Lock, 12 Extra Large Bolts and can be bolted directly to my concrete floor. It also provides a door back organization system, an electrical outlet connection, carpet, and an adjustable interior. I like that you can purchase this safe easily from Home Depot. For a fee, they will provide white glove service to deliver the safe directly into your home or office and help you set it up.


Once delivered, the next step is to secure the safe to your floor. You want to do this both so that your safe is immoveable by thieves and so that it is locked down should young kids decide to climb on our safe as a play tool. Securing your safe by bolting your safe to the floor is an important part of installation and Sentry Safe makes this process easy by including the bolts and instructions. We bolted ours directly into concrete, which took a little effort but is well worth the piece of mind.


The last and extremely important step is moisture control. I trust the Golden Rod Moisture Control device from Battenfield Technologies. The Golden Rod Dehumidifier elevates the ambient temperature inside the gun safe, allowing warm air to circulate throughout the safe and eliminates humidity, mildew and condensation. I also recommend that any weapons stored in the safe be brought up to room temperature, cleaned, and dried prior to placing them in the safe. Never place a wet weapon into a dry safe. The Golden Rod, mounted close to the door on the floor of the safe in a horizontal position, works very well inside the Sentry Safe. I use the 12-inch/12-watt rod which covers 100 square feet, all I need for this safe.


Keeping weapons in your home safe is a responsible choice for all gun owners and keeping your guns out of the hands of your children is the only choice for all gun owners. If you are looking for a safe, take a look at the quality offering from Sentry Safe. It’s as easy as walking into your local Home Depot. If you are looking to keep your weapons rust-free in your existing safe, take a look at the Golden Rod from Battenfield Technologies.


Golden Rod Golden Rod Golden Rod Golden Rod

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