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Shue, Zero-Lapua Earn Newly Dedicated Trophies During 2022 National Pistol Matches

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – The start to the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2022 National Pistol Matches was celebrated through the induction of two new trophies to the already prestigious lineup of awards presented during the annual event. Held at Camp Perry, the July National Pistol Matches schedule began with a series of individual and team events for .22, .45 and Center Fire disciplines – all leading to the culminating Pistol 2700 Aggregate.

The inaugurated trophies featured during the 2022 National Pistol Trophy awards ceremony included the Steve Reiter Cup, named after decorated bullseye pistol marksman and Olympian Steve Reiter, which was presented to the winner of the Match Pistol 2700 Any Sights National Champion, as well as the T.D. Smith Memorial Trophy, named after Olympian, National Record holder and American hero T.D. Smith. The memorial trophy is awarded to the winning 4-Man Team in the Pistol Aggregate.

Steve Reiter (second from left) himself was in attendance to present the award to Shue.

Winning the first ever Steve Reiter Cup was Jonathan Shue, 41, of Liberty, North Carolina, with an aggregate score of 2647-141X. To add to the respected occasion, Shue was presented the award onstage by none other than Reiter himself.

Shue also earned the Overall High Master Classification honor for his performances and claimed the wins in the .45 and Center Fire Pistol 900 Aggregate matches.

Zero-Lapua earned the first T.D. Smith Memorial Trophy as the leading 4-Man Aggregate team.

Leading the 4-Man Team Aggregate by a commanding 64 points overall and earning the first T.D. Smith Trophy was Zero-Lapua. Members John Zurek, Philip Hemphill, Keith Sanderson and Travis Jorgenson fired a score of 3524-172X in the win.

The team also led the .22 and .45 Pistol 4-Man event while earning second overall in the Center Fire match behind U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Blue (SFC Greg Markowski, SSG Carl Clegg, SSG Christopher Hudock and SFC Ryan Franks).

Zurek, 58, of Alpine, Arizona, found his own individual title as well as the overall winner of the .22 Pistol 900 Aggregate.

Accuracy X, James Henderson (left center) and Adam Sokolowski (right center), claimed 2-Man Aggregate wins in .22, .45 and Center Fire.

Reaching the Overall 2-Man Aggregate win was Accuracy X 2-Man, Adam Sokolowski and CMP’s own James Henderson, with a score of 1725-60X – over 60 points above the second place team. The pair led each of the 2-Man matches, including the .22, .45 and Center Fire portions.

Tanya Chowdary was the Overall High Junior in the 2700 Aggregate.

Additional notable performances were seen by Tanya Chowdary, 15, of Belle Mead, New Jersey, who was the Overall High Junior in the 2700 Aggregate, as well as 1LT Lisa Emmert Traciak, 26, of the Army National Guard, who was the Any Sight High Aggregate Woman.

1LT Lisa Emmert Traciak was the Any Sight High Aggregate Woman and held fifth overall in the 2700 Aggregate.

Emmert Traciak held fifth overall in the 2700 and captured the Overall Master Classification title and the High Military mark in the .22 Pistol Any Sight 900 Aggregate.

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Blue led the Center Fire 4-Man team event.

USAMU’s Markowski, 48, also overtook the Pistol Warm-Up Any Sight Match with a score of 874-34X, as Marine Corps Reserve member SSgt Anthony Ruggiero, 36, claimed the Warm-Up Metallic Sight win with 825-18X. CSM Steven Slee, 58, was the overall .22 Pistol Warm-Up winner with a score of 849-20X.

SFC Greg Markowski led the Pistol Warm-Up Any Sight event as well as the EIC Service Revolver Match.

Markowski went on so also fire the top score in the EIC (Excellence-In-Competition) Service Revolver Match with 380-11. He bested teammate SPC Jason Gregoire, 34, by just eight points in the event, though Gregoire had squeaked by Markowski for the overall win in the .22 Rimfire EIC Match by just one point.

Find a complete list of results on the CMP’s Competition Tracker page at Photos may be viewed and downloaded for free at

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