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Sitka Gear Full Choke Waterfowl Bag Review

Sitka Gear Full Choke Waterfowl BagW.L. Gore & Associates have been engineering “The Science of Nothing” since 2009 by developing their Optifade Concealment patterns.  In 2012, they came out with a new waterfowl hunting pattern called Optifade Marsh.  This pattern is helping to revolutionize the waterfowl hunting industry and how hunters view their current camo patterns and its effectiveness.  Sitka has incorporated the new Optifade Marsh pattern in their new line of waterfowl hunting gear.


Most waterfowl hunters would say that aside from the standard shotgun, decoys, and shells that the most important piece of equipment they have along with them is a blind bag.  Most blind bags you see on the shelves in retailers are essentially camo duffle bags with pockets and dividers for your gear.  Sitka has taken the blind bag market and turned it upside down with their Half Choke and Full Choke bags.


The Full Choke and its little brother the Half Choke are more like backpacks that are designed for waterfowl hunting.  Unlike other bags that feature one strap, these bags can be worn like a backpack making it much easier to haul decoys and other gear to the field.  Too often the typical blind bag strap will slip off of your shoulder making you stop to get everything realigned.  The Full Choke is a 1700 cubic inches and  the Half Choke is 1200 cubic inches.  One great feature is the waterproof fabric on the bottom of the pack.  This helps to protect your gear when the bag is thrown to the bottom of the duck boat.  The front of the pack also boasts straps to help carry your limit of ducks back to the truck.


Aside from being able to wear the Full and Half Choke backs like backpacks, there is also a carry handle on the side.  You can easily maneuver the pack around the blind.  The zippers are on the side so that you can lay the bag down and have it open for easy access.  The zippers are also taped to help keep water out of the bag.  There are plenty of pockets in both packs to store any extra gear that you may need for an all day hunt.  On the outside of the pack there are even straps to hang your days harvest from on the walk back to the truck.  With the size of the bag, the carrying straps, and the added features, the Half Choke and Full Choke bags are going to make your next waterfowl hunt a lot easier.  You will spend more time in the blind or the flooded timber and less time hauling gear back and forth.


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Sitka Gear Full Choke Waterfowl Bag Sitka Gear Full Choke Waterfowl BagSitka Gear Full Choke Waterfowl Bag  DSC_0323

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