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Stoeger XM1 Suppressed PCP Airgun Review

The Stoeger XM1 S4 Suppressor Combo is a heck of a great PCP rifle.  The step up to PCP on this rifle along with a serious amount of innovation and some new technology make this one of the better air rifles we have seen at a price under $250.00.  The XM1 comes with a scope as well as the ability to modify your set up.  The adjustable length of pull, the two interchangeable cheek pieces and the two pistol grips which are included allow you to fit the rifle to you specifically.  There are several configurations to choose from.  We tested the Realtree Edge in .22 version which gave us a bigger pellet for squirrels and rabbits with speeds hovering close to 1000 fps. 

The XM1 is a suppressed air rifle.  It is quiet enough to shoot and not spook game.  It is almost backyard friendly which many folks look for in an air rifle.  The 4 x 32 mm scope set up was easy to get zeroed in.  The scope included in the combo is a high enough quality for most uses, and you can always swap it out for something a step up later on down the road.

We added a sling to this rifle and took off into the field to chase squirrels with it.  With this being our first PCP air rifle, we opted for a pump to air up this rifle. It was a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to bring up the pressure. but after a little bit of help we were able to get everything up and running quickly.

We swapped out the cheek piece in this rifle and left the length of pull and the grip alone.  The rifle is a little long which is fine for me.  For those smaller in stature, it might be front heavy but the use of shooting sticks would compensate for this.  The PCP air reservoir provides ample ability to shoot and not feel like you have to reload your air after just a few shots.  Stoeger focused on building a rifle with Italian style and new technology to make a rifle that is quite easy to shoot. 


•  VELOCITY: .177 Cal. up to 1200 fps muzzle velocity with alloy pellets

•  .22 Cal. up to 1000 fps muzzle velocity with alloy pellets

•  ACTION: Pre-charged pneumatic

•  TRIGGER: Two-stage, adjustable length-of-pull

• MULTI-GRIP SYSTEM: Interchangeable pistol grip pieces for custom fit

If you are looking to get into a PCP, this is a serious air rifle worth taking a hard look at. The XM1 won a reddot award, you can read about it here:  https://www.stoegerindustries.com/news/stoeger-pcp-xm1-air-rifle-wins-prestigious-red-dot-award-for-product-design-2020

Look it up here:  https://usa.stoegerairguns.com/xm1-suppressed-pcp-airgun

Buy it here:  https://amzn.to/33Vn8GQ

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