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Technaxx TX-117 Mini Nature Wild Game Camera Review

Technaxx TX-117 Camera Review

Technaxx is a German company that has long been known for car accessories, video surveillance equipment and a wealth of consumer products.  It has now taken a serious stab at the game camera market. The TX-117 Mini Nature Wild Camera was released in September, and we got one sent out to test.

The first thing you think when you take this camera out of the box is how small it is.  It’s hard to imagine that a camera this small will be as good as the other cameras on the market.  This small camera requires a microSD card with up to 32gb of space as well as 4 AA batteries.

The Technaxx TX-117 offers full HD video at 1080p and it triggers at 0.6 seconds.  It takes photos at 12mp with great clarity both day and night and comes with a microphone and a speaker.  The built in microphone and speaker allows you to view the videos on a 1.9 TFT LCD color screen.  The unit can be set to video tape from 3 seconds to 10 minutes depending on how you set the camera.  This makes it great as a game camera and a home surveillance camera.  We really liked being able to have some sound with the videos. The built in motion detection (PIR) works at ranges up to 15 meters.  The unit offers water resistance to IP56.

What we found was that the photos are sharp out to about 60 feet and the quality works well for day and night photos.  There are several options for mounting this camera and it can be used in the field and around the house.

“After the success of TX-69 and the feedback we received from our valued customers, our research and development team wanted to build a product that encompasses most the capabilities of the bigger camera, but in a small portable size,” said Pascal Pekcan, CEO of Technaxx. “What makes TX-117 impressive is the fact that such a small and affordable piece of technology can execute sophisticated tasks such as recording time-lapse videos that could cover up to 24 hours, and still be competitively priced being within reach even for the most demanding budget-conscious customers in North America.”

The TX-117 Mini Nature Wild Camera just hit the shelves in the US and is listed on Amazon and Walmart. The MSRP is $79.99.


Mini Trail Camera test Image
Mini Trail Camera Night image
Mini Trail Camera Night image
Technaxx TX-117 Camera
Technaxx TX-117 Camera


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