Toner Machining Technologies
PO Box 2876
Morganton, NC 28680

In today’s world of extreme hunting, crime and RFID readers popping up everywhere there was a need to develop a wallet that would protect your credit cards, money and documentation(drivers Licenses and such) for people in the outdoors and in extreme tactical environments.  Toner Machining Technologies has risen to the challenge and developed two quality wallets to protect your sensitive personal information.

We tested out the TMT Sport Wallet and found it to be an excpetional tool and yes we stated that correctly, this thing is a tool and not just a useless wallet.

When I got the call from Jim Toner offering the opportunity for us to test out the TMT Sport Wallet and provide our readers a product review, I was skeptical to be honest. I did not want to have this hard wallet in my back pocket driving me crazy The wallets are made from high quality Delrin or CNC Machined Aluminum for the TMT Tactical Wallet.  I had the opportunity to test out the Delrin TMT Sport Wallet and I chose it for it’s lightness.

I found the wallet to be exceptional and my worry and stress about having this hard wallet in my back pocket only really bothers me when I am driving and I have alieviated that by just pulling it out of my pocket as I get into the car.  For years I have carried several different wallets all picked up at sport shows off the discount leather or velro wallet stands.  The wallets are usually 10 to 30 dollars and they last about a year and sometimes two.  The TMT Sport Wallet is sure to last me over the next 10 years.  I know this because I have thrown it around on my driveway and stepped on it and beat it into the ground over the last several months and I just cannot break it.

The great news is that I took it with me fishing and it got wet and I opened it up and it was dry as a bone inside.  The wallets also protect your information from being scanned by RFID readers and with more and more credit cards and licenses coming with RFID sensors and more and more stores having RFID Readers at the entrances of stores, I am quite happy that these stores will not have access to my sensitive information.

Both wallets come with built in compass, ink pen, tweezers, tooth pick, carbide glass breaker, lanyard clip, reflector, self defense striking edge, two hidden interior compartments for storing medication, fishing flies, I-Pod, extra cash, spare change or other important items and they come with two removable heat treated and polished stainless steel money and credit cards clips that can be sharpened and honed to a knife edge, if so desired.  As well the wallets are just darned cool and I have had several people comment on the good looks of this tool I know carry.

If your looking for a wallet that lives up to your hunting life or if your need a tactical tool to carry with you to hold your sensitive information this could easily be the tool for you.  The quality of the TMT Sport Wallet and the TMT Tactical Wallet is excpetional and Jim Toner and his team at Toner Machining Technologies has hit a home run with this product.