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Unexpected Things People Have Found With a Metal Detector

There are numerous types of metal detectors, each featuring a specific function that may not be found in another one. While these functionalities are intended for different purposes, the underlying concept on how a metal detector works generally remains the same and that is through electromagnetism. The concept of electromagnetism powering up metal detectors, is what enabled some people to find the most unexpected things with their gadget.

Hoxne Hoard

Perhaps the most popular metal detector discovery is that of Eric Lawe. He was in pursuit to find his friend’s lost hammer, but incredibly, he found an immense number of silver spoons, gold jewelry, as well as gold and silver coins. After filling up a couple of bags of his discovery, he reported it to the city council. After which, archeologists even found more silver and gold that is estimated to cost a couple of million pounds. Nevertheless, they also found the missing hammer. Think about how you would probably react when all you are after is a missing hammer, and you find a pot of gold.

Ringlemere Cup

Cliff Bradshaw is a self-taught treasure hunter who frequents a wheat field in England for his quests. This is because he has already uncovered several treasures in the same field and his goal was to find more. During one of his expeditions, he discovered an ancient gold cup, which he almost missed because of the faint sound given out by his metal detector. If you want to ensure that you will never miss any treasure, invest in a good device. The best metal detector is not only perfect for locating the tiniest pieces of metal, but it is also great for relic hunting. Thus, if you want to pursue treasure hunting as a serious hobby, get a superb metal detector that will suit your needs. Else, you might come too close to missing your treasure, much like what almost happened to Cliff Bradshaw. Imagine your delight when you find hidden unexpected treasures.

Aunslev Cross

Dennis Fabricius Holm discovered an old golden cross in a Danish field. At first, he thought nothing of it, but eventually, he decided to consult with a museum curator to know whether his discovery was significant. Indeed, it was because the old golden cross he discovered was one of the oldest crucifixes discovered in Denmark. You would perhaps be as amazed if you find a century-old item that is considered of a significant value.

Crosby Garrett Helmet

If you are keen on history, then you will definitely jump for joy when you discover artifacts that dates back thousands of years ago. In an English field, several dozen pieces of thousand year old helmets were discovered by a treasure hunter. The helmets featured a face mask that intricately resembled a Roman face. The helmet was not one that was worn during battles. Rather, it was worn during tournaments or competitions where Roman cavalrymen practice their skills.

In conclusion, you may want to get your own metal detector too! With the unexpected, but amazing finds, you will surely find treasure hunting as a fulfilling hobby. Just keep in mind to find the suitable metal detector for you.

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