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Vanguard Pioneer Hunting Bag and Pack Review


Over the last two seasons, I have used the Vanguard Pioneer 2100RT backpack as my primary bag for almost all of my hunts.  I got 2100RT and the 900RT as samples early last year and they quickly started getting used on a daily basis.  Within a week, I had ditched my old packs and bags and used these two bags exclusively.

The Pioneer 2100RT backpack settled in as my personal pack pretty quickly.  The 34-liter pack has enough room to fit all of my gear, tripods, cameras, decoys, HydraPak Full Force 2L hydration bladder, optics, first aid kit, etc.  The pack is quiet with enough pockets to hold everything from the smallest gear to the large bucket for spotting scopes, decoys and clothing.  The two front detachable pouches on this pack securely hold gear like ammunition and my rangefinder right where I need them.  The insulated pocket on the side can help keep food warm or cold and I almost always have a cold soda or two stashed in the insulated pocket.  The pack comes with a blaze orange rain cover which I use on trips where I am packing out game from the field especially while turkey hunting or during rain storms.

The Air System trampoline net structure keeps the pack off of my back allowing it to stay breathable in hot conditions and comfortable on longer excursions. One of the features I really like about this pack is that with all of the straps to tie down gear on all sides of the packs each strap has a strap keeper that allows you to wrap up the excess straps and keep them out of the way while you are hunting.  The team at Vanguard really thought this pack out and it shows in the quality of everything from quiet zippers to large zipper pulls.  This is a pack worth owning.

The Vanguard Pioneer 900 RT was built to be a primary hunting bag for the duck blind with enough pockets and gear to hold lunch, a thermos, ammunition, calls and everything you need in a small footprint for the duck blind. Over the last two years I have been duck hunting once and upland hunting several times.  I did not want this bag to sit in my basement between hunting trips so it gets used as my go to range bag and camera bag.  It is big enough to fit all of my camera equipment as well as an iPad, cords and gear.  It is a solid range bag, duck blind bag and camera bag and comes with the features you want in the outdoors with items like a rain fly, straps and adjustability at a price that is far better than most camera-specific bags.  If you are into filming the adventures you have in the outdoors, this is the bag for you.

PIONEER 900RT specs:

Vanguard 900RT

PIONEER 900RT is a 16-liter shoulder bag, ideal for waterfowl hunting. It will compactly fit all the essentials: shells, water, rations and personal effects, while offering external connections for additional gear and a carrying system for the waterfowl.

  • Silent, water repellent, soft and durable Tricot Realtree Xtra fabric
    • Ergonomically shaped and well-padded strap with 6 built in straps to carry waterfowl
    • Sturdy double sided, well-balanced carrying handle
    • Versatile connectors for attaching support systems
    • XXL orange silicone zippers
    • Modular dividers and dedicated pockets
    • Water tight pocket to keep essential personal items secure, clean and dry
    • Heat-insulated pocket specially to keep snacks fresh
    • Large divider horizontally locks into place to create working platform for sketching, taking notes, checking a guide, etc.
    • Water resistant bottom that is easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable
    • Total coverage orange rain cover
  • MSRP $129.00

Top of Form

PIONEER 2100RT specs:

Vanguard 2100RTPIONEER 2100RT is a 34-liter backpack, ideal for any hunting expedition. It will safely carry your rifle or bow alongside all your other hunting gear.

  • Silent, water repellent, soft and durable Tricot fabric available in Realtree Xtra®
  • Air System trampoline net structure suspended from two aluminum staves with an adjustable well-padded honeycomb mesh harness for a custom fit
  • Top and side Hypalon reinforced handles
  • Optimal balance, secure rifle or bow butterfly attachment system
  • Versatile connectors for attaching support systems
  • XXL orange silicone zipper pullers
  • Built-in water bladder compartment and drinking tube connectors on both shoulder straps
  • Waist belt with quick access zip pockets with 2 detachable pouches
  • Water resistant, easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable bottom material
  • Total coverage orange rain cover for personal safety
  • MSRP $159.00



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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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