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W.R. Case Knife Review


W.R. Case Knives


The first knife I coveted was a simple Case knife that my dad had in his pocket.  It was there most all of his life.  Today that knife is sitting in my gun safe and someday I will hand it down to my son. That little knife was a simple pocket knife that was always handy.  It was the knife that my dad handed me when it was my turn to clean the fish.  It was the knife that my dad pulled out of his pocket to cut oranges on our small orange ranch or quickly open up bags of fertilizer.  It was always in his pocket whether we were in the field, working together outside or when he was working for the United States Forest Service.


W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are passed down for generations.  I have owned my own Case knife since I was 18 years old. Their knives have been the go-to knives of generations of men over the last 128 years.  Every year at SHOT Show, I take a few minutes to stop by the booth of W.R. Case and admire the newest, latest and greatest knives from the team based out of Bradford, PA.


This year I spoke with the team and jumped on the chance to review three great knives from Case that I thought were important knives for the everyday hunter.  I chose the knives that I most wanted to review and they honored me by sending them out to me to review.  I chose carefully because I wanted to review three knives that I felt would be the most useful to review for all of our readers.



Case Sodbuster Knife


I started with the Working Sod Buster #092.  This knife is a simple sketched Skinner Blade with a Jet-Black Synthetic Handle and a 4 5/8in blade that measures in a 3.4 oz.  This is an easy to carry knife with a single blade in Stainless Steel.  It has an etching on the blade that shares the history of the working farmer.  I specifically chose this knife because it is a working man’s knife that works great for gutting a deer in a pinch and will work as a back-up skinning knife while holding an edge.


W.R. CASE Small Texas Toothpick – Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Bone

Case Texas Toothpick Knife


The Case Small Texas Toothpick is without a doubt my favorite small knife.  It is my go-to every day carry knife.  It is always in my pocket unless I am flying.  I have given up two of these to TSA agents whom I know pocketed them personally.  These knives are smooth, handy and always sharp and ready for everything from picking your teeth and cleaning under your nails to whittling or cutting an apple.  The knife is easy to keep clean, feels great in your hand and does not overload your pocket.  It’s always there and these knives look just as good brand new as they do with 15 to 30 years of service.



W.R. CASE Russlock – Amber Bone SS

Case Russlock Knife


The Case Russlock knife is a solid knife and a work of art.  The locking blade provides the security and safety of a solid lock while maintaining a classic look and feel.  It is easy to open and easy to secure.  It is a tried and true knife that will last the test of time and will quickly become a favorite tool in the pocket of its owner.


These are just three of the collection of hundreds of available knives from W.R. Case Knives.  These knives are easy to find and very collectible.  When I hunt, I carry several knives in my pack, all which have a wide variety of uses.  The knife that I carry the most day to day is a Case knife and I am proud to have it in my pocket day to day.


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