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For the last few years Wild Alaskan Company has been building a company focused on delivering healthy premium-quality seafood from Alaska.  Wild Alaskan Company is a membership service intent on delivering the highest quality seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest that is always wild-caught and delivered directly to your door.  In February, I took the plunge and ordered a box of salmon from Wild Alaskan Company.  I was blown away with the quality of the salmon.

The thought of ordering seafood online and having wild fish shipped to my door honestly concerned me.  I have ordered beef steaks online in the past, and I just wasn’t satisfied with the steaks that I had shipped to my door.  My concern was that the salmon would equally disappoint.   When the box arrived, I shot this video of the unboxing of the salmon.  I was truly impressed that the salmon, arriving on dry ice, was rock solid and completely frozen.  Each and every filet was individually vacuum sealed and probably colder in that carton than it would be inside of my freezer. 

Our Wild Salmon Unboxing

Premium Quality Wild Salmon Delivered

The next night, I took out two filets, a Coho and a sockeye, for myself and my mom.   I baked the salmon with a very small amount of salt, pepper and some cross slices of Meyer lemon from my grandmother’s lemon tree.  With rice and asparagus, it was an exceptional meal.  What excited me the most with those first two filets was that the meat was so crisp and firm.  Firm wild salmon steaks mean that the meat is premium-quality and that great care was taken with the fish to allow it to be fresh-frozen.  The quality of that fresh wild Alaska salmon comes through in your meal.

Sockeye salmon has a rich robust flavor and deep color.  The dense texture of the fish comes through.  Sockeye are known for eating a little healthier as they primarily feed on krill and plankton.  Coho salmon, also known as silver salmon, are slightly milder in taste than the sockeye.  Coho will eat small fish, krill and plankton.

All of the fish sold by Wild Alaskan Company are wild, sustainably harvested seafood.  It is sourced in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  Wild Alaskan Company is a membership program that delivers top quality fish straight to your door.  Wild Alaskan sells salmon, Alaska halibut and Pacific cod on a month-by-month basis.  On occasion they also offer rockfish, Wild Alaska pollock, sablefish and weathervane scallops. 

Wild Alaska Company really is a tremendous fishmonger that has the ability to ship wild-caught seafood that is sustainably-sourced right to your door.  Members of Wild Alaskan Company allow the company to sustainably offer wild-caught seafood on a year-round basis.  Personal fishmongers are always available to members via email, phone and the chat box on the website to answer any questions, provide tips and offer up recipes.  The terms are flexible which allow you to choose the packages that best fits your family size and schedule. 

I like to catch fish locally, but we only have fish seasonally here in Nebraska and the options are limited.  We have stores that sell salmon, cod and halibut, but I am not always impressed with the quality of this fish.  Wild Alaskan Company provides me the opportunity to know that the salmon that comes in the box is helping to keep Americans working who have a vested interest in the ecosystem where these fish live and grow.  Once we did our research on Wild Alaskan Company, we are proud to say that they are now an affiliate partner. If you become a member through our links you are helping to keep our site growing and most importantly you are putting great food in front of your family and supporting wild Alaska salmon.

If you are interested in putting quality meat into your freezer, become a member and order fish online from Wild Alaskan Company and within a week you can have frozen fish delivered to your door.

Wild Alaskan Company ships using Dry Ice
Wild Alaskan Company Packaging
Salmon and Cod
Salmon, Cod and Halibut
Perfect Friday Fish Meal
Wild Salmon with Meyer Lemon and Maldon Salt
Even Phoenix liked the box!!

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