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Wildland Coffee

There really is nothing better than a steaming cup of coffee on a chilly morning. Whether you are waking up from an overnight at the campground or you are arriving in the dark wee hours of the morning before a hunt, a cup of coffee provides a tangible “you’ve got this” that nothing else can. 

Wildland Coffee knows this as well as anyone. Wildland offers Single Serve Coffee Bags in medium roast and extra dark roast. All you need is near-boiling water: soak a single serve coffee bag (like a tea bag) in 8 oz. of hot water for 8 minutes and you are enjoying a steaming cup of coffee. 

We enjoyed a nice cup of Wildland coffee this morning, trying it out in our cozy kitchen before buying a 10 count box to take with us on our next camping trip. (Also offered in 40 and 80 count boxes). We found the process to be simple and the coffee to be flavorful. We normally add steamed milk to our coffee, but tried the coffee black as we would drink it in the outdoors. The medium roast was mild, the extra dark was full of flavor. Neither was strong and deep like an espresso, of course, but by far outshines any instant coffee we’ve tried.

It doesn’t matter if you typically use a French press, a coffee maker, or a drive-thru coffee shop, a hot cup of black coffee seems perfect when you are in the outdoors. Wildland Coffee offers a simple, lightweight way to enjoy coffee outside. These single serve coffee bags are convenient and easy to use and they are perfect for any outdoor adventure. Wildland coffee beans are ethically sourced from sustainable farms in Brazil.


Medium Roast – as low a $1.49/cup

Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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