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Elk Conservation Month at Bass Pro Shops

  I love this time of year. Right before hunting season it is shopping season and I am working hard to get ready for the busy upcoming fall season. This year I was looking for a new jacket and I had decided that the Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket was on my must have items of gear to add to my kit. I got online with Bass Pro Shops and saw the reminder that this month is Elk Country Conservation Month at Bass ...

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What to do when you’ve Missed

Here’s a made-up statistic: 90% of all hunters admit to missing a key shot, and the remaining 10% are liars! While this statistic is fictitious, it holds at least a kernel of merit. Most hunters (including myself) know all too well what it feels like to watch an arrow sail inches over a buck’s back, or worse yet, injure a deer with a non-lethal shot. These experiences can leave haunting images in our minds. ...

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In Support of Hunting and Free Speech

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment of the US Constitution. I have been a hunter for my entire life, and a Soldier for nearly half of it. I grew up wit ...

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SportingDog Adventures Jeff and Katherine Fuller Interview

SportingDog Adventures is committed to being family-oriented. We want to get the whole family excited and involved in the outdoors, whether you have two legs or four, male or female, young or young-at-heart. Our shows include a youth segment, designed to inspire and motivate adults to pass on their love of the outdoors. We also feature ladies segments, designed to address the questions, concerns, and intere ...

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Five Questions with Melissa Bachman

As one of the more well-known huntresses in outdoor TV, Melissa Bachman spends nearly 200 days in the field filming for her show, “Winchester Deadly Passion,” which is debuting season three on Sportsman Channel July 6. Luckily, the summer means things slow down for Melissa and she was able to do this Q&A while in the editing suite. Tune in to “Winchester Deadly Passion” on Sportsman Channel July 6 at 2 ...

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David Holder Raised Hunting

      What tips do you have for families looking to introduce their kids into hunting? Get the kids involved early, I mean at two, three, and four, by taking them on trips that are fun and where lots of wildlife can be seen. Don't put pressure on yourself or the kids that you have to kill something. The killing is only one possible outcome, but the memory of having fun with the family while h ...

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Chad Belding is Living The Fowl Life

  Chad Belding Straight out of college, Chad began owning and operating several of his own businesses, and eventually became a pro-staffer and champion caller. His time on the call circuit put Belding in front of some industry stalwarts, who continue to help shape his business. It also gave Chad the chance to talk with waterfowlers from all over the country, giving him a better understanding of the gea ...

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We are a hunting website clear and simple!!  We will be closed until Tuesday to take time to remember and honor those who have served over Memorial Day!! We Are Americans and we know that we could not hunt, we could not travel the world in pursuit of our passions without the sacrifice of those whom have served, those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and those that are on the front lines ...

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Britney Starr Interview – An Absolute Rising Star

We have been following the rise of Britney Starr over the last several years and having had the chance to meet her and hang out at several industry events over the last couple of years we jumped at the chance to do an interview.  Britney Starr is the owner of  Starr & Bodill African Safaris,  a well written freelance outdoor and shooting industry writer, founder of the Women’s Outdoor & Shooting Ind ...

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