2021 Spring Outdoor Gear Guide

Spring is in the air and depending on where you are in the country it might be nice or it might be storming like a lion. This is a pretty wide variety of items and not your typical hunting wrap, up but the items selected are worth taking a look at.

Ranger Ready P2 Pak

Ranger Ready has created the perfect package for the outdoors in Spring. Ticks and mosquitos are just starting to emerge and Ranger Ready has the perfect one two punch to protect yourself, your loved ones and your pets with a combination that works. First up is Permethrin and the goal there is to kill ticks and mosquitos on contact. Permethrin is sprayed on your clothes and gear. We also spray it on the dog bed, in the dog kennel and on the seats of our vehicles. Next up is Picaridin which covers all of your exposed skin with a coverage that is safe for your body as well as your gear. Ranger Ready eliminates aerosol and sells these in a recyclable pump spray bottle to keep the package friendly to the environment. Check these out at Ranger Ready.

Groove Life Silicone Rings

Groove Life has created outstanding silicone rings in a tremendous variety of colors and styles. Silicone rings are growing in popularity because they are safe. In a crisis situation fingers and hands are being saved from trauma because of the use of silicone rings. These are some of the best on the market. Groove Life has a no BS warranty that covers the ring for your life whether you cut it, lose it, stretch it or it is destroyed in any way. The styles are wide and varied. The grooves on these rings allow it to breath and prevent them from sweating.

Ravean Hand Warmer and Power Bank

When taking new hunters out into the field, one of the first things you learn is that you have to keep them warm. The Ravean hand Warmer and Power Bank is an exceptional tool to provide a renewable resource for warmth. The Ravean is covered in non-microbial cork that helps to retain heat over the aluminum shell and provides a warm feel as well as heat. The Ravean provides up to 8 plus hours of heat with temperatures up to 140 degrees and 5200mAh of recharging power. The entire package makes a great gift for those who easily get cold or need a quality battery charger with extra features.

Lavley Hunting Socks

Price: $9.95

You’d rather be hunting! You don’t have to tell your boss, let your socks do the talking! Camouflage green colors keep you concealed in the office, while the bottom sports a fun message: “I’d Rather Be Hunting.” The Lavley socks feature a stylish and sharp pattern with deer, ducks, dogs, crosshairs, rifles and hunting knives. The cuff is accented with blaze orange to really fire off the camo color theme. A fantastic present for hunters, husbands, dads, grandfathers, a gag gift for your boss, or a statement around the hunting lodge! Find these on Amazon.

Gosili Silicone Straw Cups

These great cups came across our desk here at the office. We have used the heck out of these things as well as a wealth of silicone straws that the team from GoSili sent us to test out. The fact that we can heat these up in the microwave alone is worth the price of less than $20.00 for the large and $15.00 for the coffee cup version. These feel good, are machine washable and they are of course microwaveable. Pouring in hot coffee never feels hot, and they can be used for ice cold beverages as well. You can also get these from Amazon.

SNOWCANDY Snow Tube Galaxy Glitter

We can’t hunt year-round, sometimes you have to take Mama sledding. SnowCandy is a fantastic line of whimsical snow tubes, sleds and forts for outdoor winter adventures. Easy to inflate and deflate, these super sturdy inflatables were crafted for serious shenanigans. Pulling this great snow toy out at Valentine’s Day made Mama smile knowing it was just for her. It is filled with thousands of pieces of glitter which bounce around as you sled down the mountain. Great fun for less than $35.00. Check these out at SNOWCANDY.

On the Go TP KITS

There is no question, sometimes #2 happens and you need a way to stay clean in the outdoors. These great TP kits come with five 2-ply tissues, two wet wipes and the bag so you can carry it all back out. It is all biodegradable so no matter what happens if you bury it, it will break down. Better yet, leave no trace and put it all back into the resealable packet and take it to the nearest trash receptacle. A ten pack of these comes in at $10.00, and the convenience is worth far more. I am always happy to have a couple of these in my packs and they are great for overnight backpacking trips. Check these out at TPKITS.com.


It should be obvious that the gear we use today is getting ever more technical and it is allowing us to get to places with lighter and better gear that keeps you dry and warm. Gear today breathes, and with down and synthetic downs being created today you need to properly clean all of this highly technical gear. Nikwax has been the leader in cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing for over 40 years. If you invest hundreds of dollars in individual pieces of gear, spend a few dollars to make sure that you have the best cleaners, conditioners and waterproofing for that gear. Check out NIKWAX.

Ball and Buck Field Pant FG

Ball and Buck are handsewn in Boston, Massachusetts. Each pair of Field Pants is a combination of signature canvas and 8.25 oz TexWax shelter tent waxed cotton to protect your legs with full coverage in heavy brush and busting cattails. These pants get better with age: the more you run, crawl, hike, hunt, fish and work in these pants the better they get. All bar tacks are reinforced and these have the Ball and Buck Shotgun Shell Brass Hardware. They can be cleaned with a quick sponge and hung dry. These are pants you want to live in all season long. Check them out exclusively from Ball and Buck.

Royal Robbins Bug Barrier Venture Crew Sock

Hemp fabrics are popping up more and more in outdoor products. The Royal Robbins Hemp Travel Sock is one of the better hemp products we have seen. These socks are a blend of hemp yarns with recycled polyester that break in to your foot which is perfect for a hiking and hunting sock. These are durable and they breath well, providing odor control and a soft comfortable feel. These unisex socks are what we plan on wearing for early season hikes and turkey hunts. We like that these socks also provide a bug barrier. Check them out at royalrobbins.com.

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Face Mask Kit

Unfortunately at this time, masks are not going away. While the hope is that by the end of the summer we will be living pretty close to mask free, we foresee that we will continue to need to have a quality mask on hand. The mask from Outdoor Research is still one of the best I have used. As a kit it comes with 3 filters and has a one size fits all approach that can go around your ears or around your head. These are well worth checking out at OutdoorResearch.com.

Ruff Bar Dog Snacks

Big Sky Products creates a quality backpacking snack to keep your hunting dog or companion dog healthy during times of increased energy exertion. These high quality snacks are made from all natural food that is made here in the United States from fruit, vegetables and meat. These are not meant for daily use but they are a high quality snack for high quality dogs. Check out the offerings from bigskyproducts.us.

Benjilock by Hampton

Benjilock by Hampton is a fingerprint lock that is perfect for the gym and perfect for locking trail cameras to trees. The lock is easy to get charged. It takes a little bit of time to figure out how to program it, but once you do it is a great lock. Fingerprint locks are getting better and better and this one is small enough to fit easily on your pack to drop onto a trail camera or gym locker. Check these out at Amazon.

Groove Life Groove Belt

Groove Life has worked to create a belt that is held together specifically by magnets that allows this belt to work as a tactical gun or EDC belt. It can be used in the boardroom as well as the field, and these come in a wide variety of colors including Mossy Oak, Kryptek and a wide variety of colors and finishes for the belt and the buckle. This no-flap belt looks sleek and smooth. It is easy to unbuckle with a quick flick of the wrist and it SNAPs back into place quickly and tight. Check out the Groove Belt.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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