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5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Snake Proof Boots

It doesn’t matter how your hunting excursions should look like, the best thing to consider is to watch your step and get the right hunting gear. Whether you are an avid outdoor buff or trying it for the first time, going through downed logs, swampy valleys, grassy plains, or other prime snake areas can be frightening.

Along with the proper protective gear you must wear when you go to the wild, you also need the right kind of boots. It will serve as your reliable protection from any snake bites. According to the World Health Organization, around 5.4 million snakebite cases are recorded every year, where between 81,410 to 137,880 are annual death tolls.

These numbers are a bit alarming, and there is nothing you can do to save yourself than getting the right snake proof boots. Not only will it protect you against the elements, a pair of durable hunting boots can also serve as protection against snake bite. With hunting boots, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are some tips on how to pick the one that works best with you.

Comfortable Fit And Size

Before you go ahead and get stunned at the different styles of snake proof boots available, you must consider the fit and size first. Many hunters or campers are getting snake-proof boots because they look good. While there is no harm to get the best style or color, you also have to ensure that it’s comfortable.

When you are in the wild, you’ll have to wear this gear for a long period. These boots are rigid and stiff, so it can compromise a lot of your comfort at times. For knee-high snake boots, it can sometimes be painful, especially if you run fast. To get rid of this, get snake-proof boots with many flexible points to move freely.

Bite Proof Composition

Next to comfort and fit, getting these types of boots also needs consideration from the materials being used. Do know that snakes have their sharpest fangs when they bite you and give you the venom. Most of the time, it is deadly, so get a pair of boots that do not allow the snake’s fangs to penetrate your feet.

Most snake proof boots are made from the combinations of synthetic weaves, leather, Cordura nylon, denim, or Kevlar. These are the most durable type of snake boot material composition to get. The snake can hardly impale their fangs and let you protect them from getting that bite.

Right Coverage

When you go into the wild for either camping or hunting, you run or hike. Snakes make the same motion where they pose, slither, climb, or strike you up to your shins.  To protect yourself from those snakes who can aggressively strike you, always get a snake-proof boot with higher coverage.

Getting a mid-calf is the shortest length you can get, but never get an item that measures below the ankle. On the other hand, if you want to be safer, get a pair of boots that cover you up until your knees. According to some studies, snakes attack directly below your knees to the ankle, so consider a product with the right coverage.

Proper Air Circulation

In most cases, the breathability is often the neglected factor in getting snake proof boots. As stated above, these products are rigid and sturdy where, along with the comfort you get is also considering the air circulation. It is important to keep your feet away from sweating and avoiding that compounding odor when taking it off.

To achieve this, you can either ask whether the product is made from moisture-wicking linings or breathable fabrics. It allows the air to move freely inside the boots, giving you that fresh and cool feeling.

Suitable Closures

The last thing to consider when buying appropriate snake proof boots is the closure. One example of this is the zippers. Although this is a tiny detail, this can give a big danger when you overlooked it. The zippers are often caught by thick bushes and twigs which might open and expose your skin to a possible snake bite.

If you wanted to get away with the zipper-made closure for these boots, you could look for lace closures. It gives a custom fit from your feet to your shaft. Moreover, there are other types of closures you can consider, which are safer, so it’s important to ask the seller if you wanted more information about it.


Going into the wild is a fun and rewarding experience. You get to experience nature at its most beautiful. However, the wild is also a place where animals live. One of the most dangerous animals you’ll encounter in the wild, are venomous snakes.

Avoid trampling on them by being cautious. Once these snakes bite, it can spell disaster for you. Hence, it is essential to wear suitable protective gear like snake-proof boots with the proper composition to achieve your goals of taking an adventure closer to nature.

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