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5 Tips To Prepare for Deer Hunting Season

5 Tips To Prepare for Deer Hunting Season - Outdoor RoadmapDeer Hunting season is around the corner in most states; now is the time to start getting ready with your equipment (bow, gun, blind, etc.) preparation, hunter education certification, hunting license and other hunting essentials.  


Here is a five-step checklist to prepare you for deer hunting season.


Tip 1 – Check the regulations for this season

Now is the time to review the hunting regulations for the upcoming season.  Even though you are an experienced hunter, check the regulations, they can change year-to-year.  You don’t want a visit by the Game Warden that turns your annual deer hunt into a bad experience.  Visit your state game & fish agency web site for the latest regulations or call and have them send you a copy of the regulations for the year. 


Tip 2 – Buy your hunting license and take hunter education for new hunters

Beat the rush and buy your license now.  This way you are not scrambling at the last minute as you do final preparations for that week in the woods.  Also, if you have a new hunter, be aware that hunter education certification will be necessary for purchase of that first hunting license.  A new hunter can now be trained online so it saves everyone time with added convenience of taking the course from your home.  Outdoor Roadmap offers one option to consider: 


Tip 3 – Clean and check your equipment

I am sure you probably cleaned your rifle or bow after your last hunt, but you should get all your equipment out to be sure it is working properly and that it was cleaned and in good condition.  This equipment check will insure safe, sure operation when you have that big whitetail buck in your sights.  You should also look at your ammunition supply.  Many common calibers are in short supply so don’t wait till the day before or day of the hunt to be sure you have ample cartridges. 


Tip 4 – Sight in your rifle or bow

Though your sights were right on target last season when you brought home that big whitetail deer, don’t assume that it is set for this year.  You may have bumped the scope, or moisture during storage may have caused a change in scope position.  Head out and throw some lead or arrows down-range.  Make sure you are still on-target.  Besides, its fun and a good way to spend a Saturday.


Tip 5 – Scout the property

It is never too early to start scouting.  It is a great way to spend the summer day outdoors and allows you to start understanding the deer patterns and habits so you are situated in the best possible spot for opening day.  It also wouldn’t hurt to get your blind out early so the deer get used to it.  Last minute set-up in the field will not help you.


Go for success and prepare early

Deer hunting is the biggest game season in the sport.  In some states deer hunting starts in July and in others not until October, but preparation is the key to success, so now is the time to check the regulations, get the new hunter prepared with hunter education and clean your guns, buy ammo and sight in that rifle or bow.  For additional articles on deer hunting:

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