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20120401_FieldnotesA Hunter’s Field Notes by Jay Houston and Roger Medley is a book filled with the inspiring stories of Jay and Roger’s walk through the outdoors with God by thier side.  Both of these men have a strong conviction to walk through life providing an example of the christian life and never hesitate to spread their passion for hunting as well as the passion and love they have for God.  I had the opportunity to share a camp with Jay many many years ago and even then I sought out his wisdom and I find that in reading A Hunter’s Field Notes I am still gaining wisdom from Jay many years later. I have not had the opportunity to meet Roger Medley but as a father, I found his stories of hunting with his son Ken to resonate with me strongly.

A Hunter’s Field Notes is broken down in to small chapters or lessons as I came to look at them and the book is laid out in a format that allows you to read a quick lesson and spend some time reflecting and journaling your thoughts.  This book was created for you to read, journal and inspire you to have your own walk with God by your side.  I will be honest with you, I did not read it in that format but instead rushed through it on a quiet Friday night on the couch.  This morning, I picked it back up and reread a chapter/lesson and it got me thinking about my own journey’s through life and through the outdoors.  I think this is really the best way to read this book, one lesson at a time, journal, reflect and pray on it.

There is not a hunter out there regardless of our level of faith who has not been inspired in the outdoors, by the beauty of the outdoors, the activities of the animals and the solitary nature of spending time out in this wide open country.  Wild weather, beautiful sunrises, the gobble of a wild turkey, the bugle of an elk or the white flag of a big Whitetail, all leaving us with an open jaw and an appreciation of the outdoors.   Jay and Roger remind us that this is a perfect time to enrich your relationship with God through their own testimony written in A Hunter’s Field Notes.

Seek this book out for yourselves and think about this as a gift for those in your lives who enjoy the outdoors.  This is also an inspiring book for young adults who are just now beginning thier journey into the outdoors and who are growing in thier relationship with god.  I know I am ordering a few copies for hunters in my close circle of friends.  I know they will appreciate this book and quite a few of these lessons will resonate with them and the price on these books is set so that everyone can pick up a copy or two and share it with those close to them.

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