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A Million Wings by Susan Schadt Book Review

A Million WingsA Million Wings: A Spirited Story of the Sporting Life along the Mississippi Flyway by Susan Schadt offers both a written and photographic look into the finest duck hunting clubs along the Mississippi Flyway.  Most of us will never get the chance to hunt these beautiful hunting clubs but owning this book shows the beauty of the hunting life.


Getting to take a look through photographs and read the stories of the men and the traditions of the these famed clubs provided a cold February retreat for my mind and warmed my heart knowing that these kinds of hunting estates exist out there.  Susan Schadt provides the written word and Lisa Buser captures the beauty of these 12 amazing hunting lodges. A Million Wings shares through a unique blend of photography and personal stories from the voices of the owners, guides, cooks and guests who all share in the passion of the hunt and camaraderie only gained by sharing time in the outdoors.


These 12 lodges including: Coca Cola Woods, Go Away Lodge, Raccoon Ranch, Screaming Wings, Shelby Lake Farms, York Woods, Avoca, Bayou Club, Cuivre, Dardenne, Greasy Slough, and Fighting Bayou are owned by great men and filled with great members who care about the land and care about preserving and sharing the traditions of waterfowl hunting so that these traditions may be passed down to the younger generations.  “Duck hunters are avid outdoorsmen, conservationists and hunters who embrace a brand of camaraderie steeped in history and tradition, inspiring intense devotion to the land and animals, as well as the desire to share it all with family, close friends and future generations,” said Susan Schadt, founder and president of Wild Abundance Publishing.  “This third book in our collectable series captures and celebrates the legacy of the unique culture of duck hunting along the Mississippi Flyway, as well as the conservation efforts to restore and preserve waterfowl populations.  The book offers and in-depth look at the properties, their histories and traditions through photographs and stories.”


I am proud to have this book on my coffee table and I am excited to see the snow falling knowing that I get to pick up this book while the fire is blazing and get a few moments of peace with my feet up reading the stories of these beautiful lodges. It’s easy to see why these great men are so passionate about protecting these great hunting clubs and the lands and rivers that they inhabit.


I recommend that you pick up this great book and you can pick it up directly at www.wildabundancepublishing.com or through the link below at Amazon.com.


Raccoon RanchDuck Hunting A Million Wings

Orrin Ingram

The Cuivre

Duck Hunting camaradarie A Million Wings

Duck Hunting A Million Wings

Duck Hunting A Million Wings


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