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All You Need to Know About a Bowie Knife

A Bowie is a type of knife that acts as a survival weapon when you are out camping or hunting. It is designed for self-defence and is widely used by hunters to perform the butchering and skinning activities. If you love collecting different types of knives, the bowie knife is a must-have. There are best of manufacturers of Bowie knife in the UK and all across the world as there is a huge demand for the same.

The bowie knife was originally designed for Jim Bowie and it looks quite similar to a sword. The knife was known as a butchers knife when it was initially made. But, today it’s highly popular as it stands out due to its clipped edge. These knives come with a fixed blade and there are a clip point and a hand guard. It is heavy enough to perform the activities in a single swing.

History of Bowie Knife

The bowie knife was slightly different in its construction during the initial days. The curved edge of the blade was blunt. The knife became quite popular in cutlery outlets. Jim Bowie introduced this famous knife at the Sandbar Fight. He was shot but he still managed to make use of his bowie knife on his opponents. The fight was all over the media which made the knife desirable by millions of people. The knife was featured in one the Hollywood movies named “The Iron Mistress” in addition to the “Jim Bowie” show which added to its popularity. The knife was used as a weapon but it also came in good use during camping and hunting activities. People still use bowie knives today especially the backpackers and campers. There are endless versions of these knives designed today which differ in design, pattern and size.

How to Choose a Bowie Knife?

The material used to design a bowie knife is carbon steel as it’s known for maintaining the sharpness. Besides, it can be sharpened easily. Nowadays, there are knives made using anodized aluminium as well.  If you wish to buy the classic version of a bowie knife, you should choose the one with carbon steel. The knives made with other materials are also ideal for hunting.

Size of the Blade

The bowie knives are known for its big-sized blades. However, it is important to figure out which size to go for. If you choose larger knives, they help to clear weeds and cut thin pieces of wood. The survivalists mostly prefer the larger knives. As far as the small blades are concerned, they provide precision. They are also beneficial for fishermen and hunters as they help in performing tasks like cleaning and skinning meat.

Length of the Blade

The average length of the knives is 9.5 inches. The classic design of the knife has longer blades and offers a great display for those who are passionate about knife collection. The knives are designed at a distinct length to enhance its functionality. However, the length of the blade never goes below 5 inches.


Tang is the prong through which the blade is connected to the handle. The knives are heavy and need full tang to ensure it does not break. However, this is not a concern if you are using the bowie knives for collection purposes. A full tang is a must if you are using the blade as a hunter or a camper.

Thus, a Bowie needs good maintenance to increase the shelf life. It is important to sharpen the blade from time to time to keep it shining always. A dull blade is of no use and also considered to be unsafe. Therefore, regular cleaning and drying the knife prevents rust and work effectively for a longer duration of time.

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