Altus Brands LLC.
484 W Welch Ct
Traverse City, Michigan, 49686

Rifle rests for bench shooting should be simplistic and easy to use and once you buy a set they should last for the rest of your life.  Altus Brands has developed just such a rifle rest made from bison leather.  The quality of these rests is exceptional and the bags look great on the bench in my office and they look even better on the bench at the range.  I have no fear laying my walnut stocked rifle on them and I know this is a rifle rest that will be passed down to my kids.


The bags are filled with sand,stiched incredibly well and they have a character all thier own.  You can choose between small, medium and large with light and dark leather bands.  For the price these are destined to become heirloom items as my son took his first shots at the bench with my rifle laying on this rest and when he comes of age, this bag will passed down to him for use at the range or I just might buy him his own.


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