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Benchmade Narrows Knife Review

We received a sample of this knife in May, and we have been carrying it as a daily EDC knife for the summer. It is so light-weight and well-built that you hardly know it is on you. We have this knife slipped deep in our right front pocket at all times, and it is never visible due the slim design.

We will go through our thoughts on this knife as well as the features and information to help you decide if this is the knife you want as your every day carry. First off, this Benchmade Narrows Knife is not a cheap investment. If you are prone to losing knives or not one to take care of your knives, the value of this knife may be lost on you. However, if you appreciate having a quality tool at your beck and call at all times, this might be one of the better investments you could make for a daily carry or EDC knife.

Features of the Benchmade Narrows Knife

The Titanium handle knife has a width of 0.28 inches but feels substantial in your hands. This is the slimmest full-size knife built by Benchmade. It comes with an upgraded AXIS lock that helps keep the knife slim without springs and steel liners. The M390 thin drop-point blade swings open and closed easily, and it couldn’t be easier to open quickly and efficiently. The M390 premium stainless steel offers the ability to create a very fine edge and hold that edge retention for longer periods of time.

The Mini Deep Carry Pocket Clip keeps the knife secure in your pocket with zero outlining with the exception of the clip. I slipped this knife in my front pocket, and I often left it deep in my front pocket so it was always right where I thought it should be. The clip offers a tip up position and can be moved around to either side of the knife making it ambidextrous.

The Narrows has pops of blue throughout. It comes with a hole for a lanyard allowing you to easily pull it out or attach it to your wrist. I tried a leather lanyard for a couple of weeks and while it allows me to pull it out of my pocket, having a lanyard on the knife was just not for me. I do believe that if I was going hiking with this knife, I would add a longer lanyard so I could clip the knife into my pocket and have the lanyard around my wrist on the trail.

The performance of the Benchmade Narrows is stellar. It has kept sharpness over the last three months, and is super easy to true up. Of course, if you get this knife extremely dull, you can send it in to the team at Benchmade as a part of the Lifesharp guarantee and warranty. A good part of buying a high quality knife is having a higher quality warranty to be a part of that package. The durability of these knives is outstanding, and the quality of the materials that Benchmade uses always seems to be a cut above what is currently being used in the marketplace. This allows you as a customer to know that you’re getting a knife that is a cut above.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Benchmade Narrows knife are pretty simple. The knife is extremely light, and it is the narrowest knife that you can currently buy on the marketplace. The knife fits extremely well in your hands. It does what you need it to do while holding an edge better than other cheap knives, and it comes with a tremendous warranty. Cons of this knife is that it is being sold as a premium knife and it comes with a premium price that cuts a vast majority of owners out of the market.


If you can hold onto a knife for years and years, this knife is an investment that will provide years of use and enjoyment. This is a knife that I have enjoyed pulling out and showing friend after friend. If you want to win the comparison game and have a tool that you are excited to use on a daily basis, the Benchmade Narrows just might be the knife for you.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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