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Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauce Review

When you hear about a new BBQ sauce being created by a team of brewmasters at Budweiser, you jump at the chance to test it out.  We got just such an opportunity and we took it.  The new Budweiser Brewmaster’s Premium BBQ sauce comes in a wide variety of sauces that covers just about any meat you put on your grill.

We started off swiping Budweiser Wing Sauce in Mild on chicken wings.  We devoured those chicken wings.  The kids really liked them and so did the adults.  The flavor is a great example of buffalo wing sauce and the taste is exceptional.  We attacked these and were begging for more.

The next night, we jumped on some sirloin steaks.  We hit the steak with the Bold and Spicy BBQ sauce.  This sauce has a really nice kick.  It is not overpowering and gives the steak tremendous flavor.  The next day, I couldn’t resist and instead of heading out to lunch, I stopped at my favorite butcher shop, Leon’s, here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I picked up one of my favorite grilling meats: beef short ribs.  I placed the ribs on the Sikes Cooker with a touch of hickory chips and when they were ready I covered them in Bold and Spicy, letting them sit on the grill for an additional 5 minutes.  They were the best short ribs I have ever had.

We cooked some pork brats the next night and covered them in the Budweiser Honey BBQ sauce.  The kids devoured them.  The next night we tried Honey BBQ and the Bold and Spicy on venison backstrap.  We paired the venison up with some fried potatoes and baked broccoli for a perfect meal.

Budweiser offers a wide variety of sauces: Classic, Sweet and Smoky, Honey BBQ, Sweet and Spicy, Bold and Spicy, Mild Wing Sauce, Hot Wing Sauce, Steak and Burger Sauce, Sizzlin’ Steakhouse Marinade and Buffalo Chicken Marinade. No doubt, there is something for everyone.  These new sauces are being carried in Walmart and HEB stores throughout Texas.  As the year progresses, you will see the sauces in more and more stores.  You can learn all about the varieties and order direct at http://www.budweisersauce.com/.

We plan on creating a couple of wild game recipes specifically with these sauces.  Look for these at huntinglife-com.huntinglife.com and check out the team at Budweiser Sauces, they will be creating recipes as well.  And please feel free to share your great meals: take some photos and post the recipe on social media with the following hashtags #Budweisersauce,  #budweiserBBQsauce, #huntinglife and #KingofSauces.  We look forward to seeing your great BBQ recipes all summer long and of course we will share a few of our own.


Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauces



An authentic Kansas City-style BBQ sauce, made with a unique blend of spices, Budweiser beer, and a kiss of smoke.


This sweet and smoky sauce is straight from the smokehouse. Made with Budweiser beer and the perfect blend of spices, this bold sauce is a true original.


A touch of honey, Budweiser beer and a special blend of spices make this sauce sweet, sticky, and oh-so-good.


A little sweet and a little heat, this spirited BBQ sauce is made with a special blend of spices, Budweiser beer, molasses, and brown sugar.


This sauce packs a punch. A hint of heat, a wallop of spice and Budweiser beer make this bold sauce one of a kind.


It doesn’t get better than Buffalo wings and Budweiser. This mild Buffalo sauce is made with tangy peppers, spices, and Budweiser beer.


Made with hot peppers, a special blend of spices, and Budweiser beer, this is a classic and spicy Buffalo sauce, Budweiser-style.


Made with Budweiser beer, our Steak & Burger Sauce has never met a flame-grilled hunk of beef it didn’t love.


Bring the steakhouse to your backyard with Budweiser Sizzlin’ Steakhouse Marinade, made with Budweiser beer and a unique blend of spices for bold flavor packed into an easy-to-use pouch.


There’s no longer any excuse for bland chicken. Budweiser Buffalo Chicken Marinade is made with Budweiser beer and classic Buffalo flavor, all in an easy-to-use pouch.

Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauce

Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauce

Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauce

Budweiser Brewmaster Premium BBQ Sauce Budweiser Wing Sauce


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