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Cabela’s North American Adventures Video Game Review

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The opportunty came to me through an email to review the new version of Cabela’s North American Adventures Video Game and I jumped on getting my hands on a review copy to test out and play.  Activision makes the game for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Wii Game System.  The game has excpetional graphics and brings hunters into the hunt with real calls, real skills and real weapons.

This game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and is being released this month.  The game offers hunting enthusiasts the adventure of a lifetime with stunning recreations of spectacular North American hunting spots and record trophies.  This verison of Cabela’s North American Adventures also marks the return of the popular TOP SHOT peripheral which can be bought bundled with the Wii version of the game.  Players trek across 25 different North American landscapes tracking over 20 species of game and honing their hunting skills.  Throughout the hunts you are followed by a cameraman, capturing key moments of the hunts and at the end of each hunt you can review highlights of each hunt set up like today’s hunting shows.  As a hunter you can visit the custom gun shop which allows you to build a wide range of guns with things like stocks, barrels, receivers and scopes which will allow you to build thousands of various combinations for the 68 different hunting adventures.

With Cabela’s North American Adventures up to four players can compete against each other online(XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 Versions) and win by outhunting their opponents, gain bonus points by taking down animals, using power-ups to gain advantages and win the game.  As well hunters can be in the same room and compete head to head in shooting galleries as well as use the TOP SHOT hunting peripheral.  The game is featured at Cabela’s and Game Stop.

Now that you have all of the information on the game itself we can move on to the review.  We tested out the Wii version of the game and found it to be exceptional.  We did not get an opportunity to test out the game with the hotly rated Top Shot but we loved the game either way.  I think it would be easier to actually feel like a part of the action with the Top Shot Peripheral.  That being said, my son and I played on the game for several hours and while it takes a bit of time to figure it out, the action is fast paced and fun.  From duck hunting to big game the action is faced pace, provides great tips and the game is easy to figure out but not easy to master by any means which will keep you coming back for more.

The graphics were exceptional and the boys at Activision and Cabela’s understand what hunters want to see in a video game.

We enjoyed the duck hunting, the varmint hunting, the deer hunting and some of the big game action and got to watch each of our hunts in slow motion and at various angles with the built in cameraman.  If your a hunter, this game might just cure that itch to get out and hunt on those offseason days or those winter snow days.  My son and I have already agreed to buy the version bundled with the Top Shot Elite so we can compete at a higher level.

We really enjoyed the game and I personally appreciated the small tips section that offered tidbits of information on hunting like the one that came up early that stated that hunters provide for conservation dollars through license sales.  It was a great opportunity to share a bit of knowledge with my son about conservation and the Roberts/Pittman Act.  If you have a game system, get this game for your kids or get it for yourself, it is thoroughly enjoyable and just might lead to some real conversations and an interest in really getting out there and hunting in the real world.

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