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Cass Creek Waggler


Cass Creek
484 W Welch Ct
Traverse City, Michigan, 49686

20110731_logoCass Creek has long been a producer of some electronic game calls and when they sent me out the Waggler, I knew before I even got it out of the box, I was going to have some fun with this call/decoy.  The Waggler is the only wireless predator call that employs MAST technology(MAST = multiple animal scene technology) and it works like a charm.  I got this call in April and due to ton of scheduling conflicts it sat on my desk for about 3 months before I got the chance to get out and use it.  Every once in a while though I would turn it on and freak out the dog and cat in the house or scare the heck out of my kids…One night I put it behind the couch and when they were all watching cartoons, I turned it on and they jumped off the couch pretty darn quickly.  Now I just needed to get it out into the field.

The opportunity came while I was out working the harvest on the Wheeler Ranch.  We had Sunday off and after a great afternoon lunch and a very enjoyable nap in the shade of an old cottonwood tree, we took off to the canyon country outside of Wauneta, NE.  I parked the truck behind a small hill and Bryan Clines from TDT Outfitters and I walked over the edge and found a Yucca plant to set up in front of to break up our outline and I walked about 80 yards down the hill and set up the Waggler on a small rise in the valley of the canyon near a water guzzler.


I got everything set up and walked back up the hill.  I should of reached into the car and with his rifle so I just sat down and picked up the remote, grabbled my binocs and started to glass.  After gridding out the canyon with the glasses and seeing nothing, I began to play with the remote..First we got the tail on the waggler moving continuously and then we bagan rotating through the coyote locator calls and the two rabbit distress calls. One of only complaints about this unit that I can come up with is that the calls are only about a minute long or less so you have to constantly be hitting the remote in order to keep it rolling.  Not that it is really all that complicated to do so but it would be nice to have a conitnuous setting.  The writing on the remote is a little hard to read as well but it works extremely well, i recommend memorizing the placement of each call sequence and then you don’t have to worry about trying to read the remote while hunting.

I picked up the Binoculars and began to grid the canyon and spotted a young coyote coming in on a slow trot to the call.  I had forgot to load my rifle so I opened up the bolt, dropped in 3 rounds and pulled up the rifle.  We waited until he got within 25 yards of the call and I pulled the trigger, click…No fire..I jacked the round out, lined up my shot and click…No Fire…I had brought some old ammo that I had wanted to burn up and did not want to use my standard Federal Premium with the Barnes TSX on coyotes.  This was old reloaded ammo from my grandfather that was almost as old as I am.

The coyote sat down in front of the guzzler and I jacked in another round, all of the movement of messing with the two misfires the coyote began to move towards us..when he stepped out of line with the guzzler, I dropped him.  Bryan looked at me and then his watch…We had been sitting down in the canyon side by side for less then 15 minutes and it had been quite a thrill.  The cows hearing the commotion began to filter over so we jumped up, retrieved the coyote and the call, took a few pictures and busted out for the night another succesful hunt under our belt.

The Waggler runs $129.99 and is the only call, decoy that employs movement, scent and sound to it’s arsenal to attract predators.  We did not get a chance to even test out the scent feature but on our next hunt we will most certainly get some scent and try that feauure out.  Bryan would not let me leave Imperial with the call in my hands and due to his tremendous generocity, I left the call with him to use for any of his clients that are interested in going coyote hunting.  I got home and ordered me another one and it is being shipped out as I write this.  If your looking for some fun afternoon or early morning predator action, get your hands on one of these as soon as you can.  The set up on this unit is easy and the remote works well out to 100 yards and it brings in the coyotes.  I cannot wait until this winter when the coyote coats are completely filled out and I can take my kids out predator hunting with this great tool.




Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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